Buffet with my two besties

Chapter 1 - background

I got together with my two best friends Saturday afternoon to go to our favorite Chinese buffet restaurant. We try to get together on weekends and more recently have been ending up at the Chinese buffet. My friend Carly is the skinniest one between us. She is around 120 pounds at 5’ 6” giving her a lean figure with a flat stomach and a 6-pack. She works out daily keeping her in shape, but she does love to eat and binge when she’s having a “cheat” meal.
My other best friend, Emily is another story, especially since we’ve been frequently binging together. She is only 5’1” and is probably weighing somewhere around 180. Her but and boobs have grown as well as everything else on her body. Her thighs really make a statement and look like large stuffed sausages. Resting gently on her thighs she now has developed a significant little belly. It seems to always look stuffed and it must be a sight to see for her looking down, her little stuffed belly resting on top of her enormous tree-trunk thighs.
As for me, well I take the cake (literally) with how much weight I’ve been packing on recently. I’m 5’3” and weighing in at 230 the morning after the buffet and was weighing in around 225 the morning before the buffet. Two and a half years ago right before I started college I weighed less than Carly at 110. This means my BMI has sky rocketed from 19.5, within the normal range to 40.7, no finally placing me in the morbidly obese category. My entire body has grown substantially, every part of me is overflowing with way too many extra pounds of fat. I look like a stuffed fat pig with an enormous belly from the endless amount of food I’ve stuffed in it.
I used to think I could loose the weight but knowing myself now, I know I’ll never be even close to skinny again. I can’t seem to stop eating and now love the feeling of stuffing myself until I feel like I’m going to explode. Since I’ve discovered how much I love being fat, I my appetite hasn’t stopped growing. It feels like I can never eat enough and every week I’m noticing just how much food I pack in, always much more than I did the week prior. My belly has gotten so big and round. I haven’t been able to see my toes or the scale for a while without bending over. I love how large my belly has gotten the most of everything else on my body, along with my huge fat tits. It feels too good to stuff my big fat gut and watch it grow rounder and fatter after each stuffing.
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Vman 4 years
Hop on kik smiley
Theswordsman 4 years
Was Carly just being supportive or trying to teach you a lesson because its hard to tell
Hallster 4 years
Hopefully your date goes well, it's always good to hear how out of control that greedy belly makes you.