But i'm a cheerleader

chapter 1

A note from your author (just imagine me wearing a Shakespearian ruff and writing this with a quill, or y'know, in my pyjamas on an iphone): This is the first WG story I ever wrote on an old account years ago and... I'm never going to finish it. It only finds it's way to the front page again because it kind of annoys me that, helpful as the new story category feature might me, it categorises all existing stories as straight by default.

The plot and characters are based on Jamie Babbit's cult queer film by the same name because I noticed that its themes of denial, discovery and self acceptance transfer quite easily to feedism and as a nod to the most overused trope in WG stories: the cheerleader who gets fat.

Anyway, hopefully it's still an enjoyable read even if you've never seen the film.

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&q uot;Be aggressive! Try! Try! Try!" Megan enthusiastically shook her pom poms. It was her cheerleading squad's final practice before the big game the next day and she was keen to nail the routine. As she moved energetically, the seams of her cheerleading uniform strained as her breasts and rounded belly stretched the lycra to its limits and her short skirt showed off a lot more chunky, wobbling thigh than it did when she was fitted for it at the beginning of the year.

The last year had seen Megan descend from the top of the cheerleading pyramid to the base. None of the other cheerleaders mentioned it to her face but the reason was that she had gained so much weight that they were finding it increasingly difficult to support her bulk. But this was strictly the subject of hushed conversations in the locker room or around the lunch table that ended abruptly whenever Megan arrived.

At the end of practice the head cheerleader Kimberley gathered the girls around for a final briefing. "Great practice guys. We're going to kill the Rangers. Remember to have your uniforms ready for tomorrow and be here sharp because the bus for the play offs leaves at 7.30," To appease the collective groans she added, "And the Donut Hole has agreed to donate four dozen donuts!"
"Yay! Free donuts!" Megan squealed a little too eagerly.
The other girls exchanged pointed looks but no one said anything.

As the other girls went their separate ways Megan saw her boyfriend Jared jogging across the field towards her, still in his football uniform.
"Hey," he said, pulling her into a bear hug.
"Hey," she said, tilting her head up to kiss him.
"Sucks that you guys are leaving so early tomorrow. I'll miss you," he said with an exaggerated pout.
"Duh, it's on'y a couple of hours before you guys leave too," she laughed.
"Yeah, I know. I'll still miss you though," he grinned like an eager puppy.
"Whatever," she smiled. "Hey, wanna go for pizza? I'm starved after practice."
Jared hesitated, "Uh, nah. Coach says I gotta keep my weight down. I'll probably just grab something quick at home and then go for a jog. Want to come with?"
Megan could scarcely conceal her disappointment, "Jogging?! No way, I'm exhausted."
"Ah, come on Megan -" Jared began but then caught himself. He had almost said, "You used to have loads of energy."

Yes, Jared also couldn't fail to notice Megan's gain. He noticed it when he put his arms around her and felt newly formed fat rolls instead her once toned stomach. He noticed on the rare occasions she let him get to third base that there was a lot more boob to grope. But mostly he noticed that all she ever wanted to do when they were together was veg out on the couch eating junk food.

It seemed that the only person who hadn't noticed Megan's gain was Megan. But Megan was good at ignoring troubling thoughts. Well practiced in denial. She didn't think about why she regularly went out for pizza after cheerleading practice and then pretended to her parents that she hadn't eaten so that she could load up her dinner plate. She didn't think about all the empty pizza boxes and packets of chips whenever she hung out at Jared's when he had only had a few slices or a handful of chips. She didn't think about the secret box she kept under her bed that was always well stocked with chocolates that she gorged herself on every night.

She didn't even think about the fact that as she made out with Jared in his car her mind kept on wandering to the group of fat girls she saw every day in the lunch room, huddled together at one table like cattle as if there was safety from teenage cruelty in numbers. Most of the girls sat miserably picking at salad as if frightened and ashamed to be seen eating anything bigger than a lettuce leaf in public. As if giving in to the temptation of fries or pizza or pudding would be to invite the world's scorn. But there was one girl who ate voraciously and without shame. An image of that girl wiping away stray Sloppy Joe sauce that had rolled down her fat cheeks to her double chin and greedily licking it from her plump fingers flashed into Megan's mind. She felt a little shiver of excitement that deep down she knew wasn't caused by Jared's tongue inexpertly probing her mouth.

With effort she suppressed the rogue thought and the painful self realisation that would surely follow it. Most people would accept that these thoughts made them different from other people but "different" was not a word that entered Megan's vocabulary very often and it certainly wasn't a word that she would ever apply to herself. Different was something that other people were and it was something that usually happened outside her quiet, conservative town. She was happy just being a regular girl with a regular boyfriend from a regular family who worked hard and feared God.
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Littlejohnboy 6 years
Very good story. I can't wait to read the rest. I wish Megan had watched more of Dolph and Clayton before she interrupted them. I wonder what they would have done together. smiley FEED was a great part of the story. It explains how Gamma and Shannon gai
Danget 6 years
Love this so far. Keep up the good work.
Tapanda 6 years
I'm a big fan of this original movie, and you're doing a great job of adding a new dimension to the story. Can't wait to see where this goes.
Beautybelly 7 years
i cant wait to know what happend next smiley
Girlcrisis 7 years
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