Candy shop hypnosis

Chapter 1 - it's all free

I'm a FFA and I haven't had much interest in gaining until recently. It's always been a fantasy of mine to get a great big belly, to struggle to button and zip my pants, to feel myself jiggle when I walk... but I'm so shy and when I think of how my friends and family would react, I'm deterred.

I mean... I'm deterred from gaining intentionally.

I've never had to worry about my weight... I eat what I want when I want. I'm kind of muscular so I'm a little heavier than I look at 5 foot 7 and 160 pounds.


I've heard this new candy shop is opening and I like candy as much as the next person... maybe a bit more. School is finally over and I'm looking forward to stoping by often. Maybe if I like it I'll swing by later with my friends.

I'm walking down the strip looking for the new candy shop. I feel hot and confident strutting in my high-waisted short shorts and crop top. I feel the high sun warm my shoulders and the sliver of midriff that's showing.

There it is! I see a large spiral lollypop sticking out from the sign. I approach and I see so many colors! I open the door and a little bell rings. There is so much variety in the candies! It smells incredible! The scent is so intense I feel like some wonderful combination of the candies is already in my mouth. I skipped breakfast so I'd be hungry for this. My stomach growls obnoxiously. I realize I'm standing in the doorway with my mouth open, salivating... Whoops. I shake myself back to reality, walk over and look at the candies that line the walls. Wow. Floor to ceiling. Incredible.

I realize there are no prices listed anywhere and try to find an employee... I find the register desk and it looks like I'm alone. I lean forward and look into the room behind the desk to see if I can see anyone, putting my hands on the desk and going on my tiptoes, pushing the exposed section of my middle against cold granite. It tingles a bit.

Suddenly, I hear a box being set down in the other room. I see a chubby, very short balding man shuffle his way to the register.

"Hello!" Comes his friendly greeting. His grin is comically wide and makes his cheeks like little apples. "What can I do you for?"

"Hi!" I smile politely. "Could you tell me where your prices are?"

He tilts his head, confused. "Do the prices matter?"

I laugh. What does that mean? "Yes?" I reply. "I mean everything looks so good and I'm sure it's expensive..."

He smiled more. "Everything you say? Money doesn't interest me nearly as much giving people the candy they want to make them happy."

I chuckle nervously. "Well, as great as it would be to try everything, I'm on a budget."

"Oh I see!" He exclaimed. "I think I know what you would like. Follow me." He shows me into another room that honestly looks like it belongs in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Simply incredible. He chuckled "I see the way you're eyeing the gummies. I know that look."

"Oh sorry" I exclaimed. "I didn't have breakfast so I feel hungry enough to eat everything, but I only brought 5 dollars."

"I'll tell you what" he said "business is slow and you seem like a real appreciator of candies. If you give me the 5 dollars, I could give you an hour alone in this room. Stuff your pockets and eat to your heart's content."

That sounded too good to be true. "Are you sure? just 5 dollars for an hour? I don't look it, but I could eat a lot of candy in an hour."

"Sure thing!" He laughed. "And if you can manage to eat 5lbs of candy, you can come back another time and get the same deal!" My stomach rumbled again, yearning to be filled with everything I was seeing. I self-consciously put my hand on it, as if a slight pressure would quiet it.

"Okay!" I exclaimed. Why not?! I handed him my 5. He smiled brightly as he received it. Then he left, closing the door behind him.
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Womansbellyl... 6 years
Most excellent!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
Bobfatlover 7 years
Great story. Start the next chapter with here going back home & she weights herself, & she is shocked by the number.
FeedHerFat 7 years
I love how this story is going! I like how she didn't realize she fell asleep and who doesn't love a girl growing out of her clothes. $5 will do wonders to her figure!
Hellofang2000 7 years
Well done. More please.