Chaos demon a.k.a. "the genie"

  By Jtjx

chapter 1 with prologue.

This is the beginning of a story that will contain a lot of fetishes/kinks. Magic / Body transformations, BBW to Sexy Bombshell. BHM weight gain transformation, BBW weight gain. Some scenes of stuffing. There is descriptive sex as well.
I appreciate constructive ideas. Negativity is not appreciated however. If any of the above topics are not your thing, I would suggest that this may not be for you.

I hope that you all enjoy this story as it unfolds and you get your kinks off. It is a pure indulgence in fantasy.


I prefer to be known as a Demon of Chaos. Most of us seem to gravitate towards one sin or the other that mankind has put a label on. I prefer to call it fun. I am descended from the House of Wrath but In my case I can draw power from all 7 of the deadly sins. You see we feed off the energies that are released when humans indulge too much in these "sins". This makes me a powerful Demon when I want to be. My true passion is twisting someones desires or wishes to come back on them in the most intriguing way. Usually in a vengeful way. I am the grandson of Wrath after all. Most are small, just idle wishes that I pick up as I walk past someone and grant. With my own twist that is. I do like fucking with peoples lives and petty revenge really is a great way to create chaos.
My brethren and my self frequent the parts of the cities controlled by the gangs. We love New York, East L.A., and Chicago. A couple years ago I was nearly high off the feed I got in Ferguson, MO. It's still a great place for a Demon like me who can feed off all man's "sins". Think about it. Lust comes in all forms even violence. Not just carnal pleasures. Gluttony not so much in 2014 but still, it was there. Sloth is an easy feed in any area with a large number of it's residents living off government programs. Greed for time on camera and fame. Envy of what others have gotten through hard work and the willingness to take what they want, when they want.
Unfortunately playing it safe in order to not attract to much attention from the Demons of the light is rather unsatisfying. They only find entertainment in the misery of my kind and humankind alike. They feed off misery and resentment. They get a bigger energy boost off their own kind than Humans but with enough of mankind unhappy they can be sated and comfortable. They gave mankind religion for them to hide behind. They created the concept of heaven and hell to try to get power from both our races. I have to give them credit. They know how to play the long game well. By the time we got our act together and realized what hey were doing. They had already made religion and rules to curb happiness. Don't get me wrong. Not everyone's happiness is harmless. The human leaders of the time added their own ideas as a way to bring the bad apples to heel. While we believe in eye for an eye. We're not into conflict for the sake of conflict. We get nothing else out of violence for the sake of violence. It is what drives the violence that we can feed off. That is one of the differences of our two species of Demons. What's ironic is mankind has labeled them Angels and pray to them and worship them. What benefits them can sometimes benefit the corrupt among men. Generally these people can be found in a place of power and influence. With a few well placed saves by them of people of influence that were like minded got them passed off as Angels of God. Yet when something horrible happens to people they pray to them.
If you have opened your self to one of us by enjoying life to the point that we can feed from you. Lust, Greed, and Wrath three of the most powerful lines in my race because so many will give in to these. You can also give us a reason to dislike you or you want something that we can provide that is of mutual benefit. You probably will never know we walk among you. Violence for the sake of violence is not useful to us. But it sure does make people miserable. Who does that benefit? Now you're starting to see the irony. Mankind has it half right. God created us. He just created us Demons first. We were given more power than mankind and that back fired on him so he created a new race of beings in his image that pleased him more. But I digress. That is a story for another day. Which leaves me where we are now. Bored and in need of a recharge.
What I truly crave is twisting a curse that has the potential to change everything that surrounded the person making the wish. For that I needed a truly selfish wish. I need someone to make a wish that they know would cause a loved one to suffer on their behalf. It had been a long time since I had fed from such selfishness. I almost always got a new Demon to help feed me from such a wish. It had been a while since I took on an apprentice. This was what I hunted now. This is what gives me pleasure. No more worrying about one of the other pesty Demons. I am Chaos. I am the descendant of the original line of Wrath. I will destroy any Demons that get in my way again. This is what I was lost in thought about when I bumped into Carol this morning as she walked down the beach. From a distance I could see her distress on her face. As she got closer her anger and her anxiety were mixing together in the most heady of spices only to blend with hurt feelings. I could not pass this up. I decided that today indeed might be a great day after all. With the barest of thoughts I put myself into an exotic jar and made it appear in front of her so that she had to notice it. See everyone wants to believe in the Genie in a bottle. It is also because of me that you hear people say be careful what you wish for.

Chapter 1

I can't believe the nerve of that asshole. I love him, but What in the hell is HE! babbling on about. "Why do I think I need to loose weight." "That he thinks I'm sexy and Beautiful. SERIOUSLY...! If it's one thing I know. It is that that is not true. I've seen him look at other women as they walk by on the beach. Women in Bikini's that are at least 100 pounds lighter than me. Him trying to tell me that he finds all shapes and sizes attractive as long as they are curvy is Bull shit. I can't even feel comfortable in a bathing suit with a skirt in the front to hide my lower belly. Then he tries to touch my belly while were having sex. Why does he feel he needs to humiliate me and make me feel self conscious? But when he has to move my belly out of the way to go down on me is the worst. I hate when he wants to do that. I am always telling him no, I don't like that and not to do it. "But honey I just wanted you to know how sexy and attractive you are to me now. More than when we got married." Again BULL SHIT! This has been the worst vacation ever. I wish he could experience what it is like to walk around and have people stare at you because of how fat you are. Most people try to be nice about it. It does not stop the sting though. Every time I see someone do a double take when they notice me walking by and then quickly turn their eyes away just adds to my self consciousness. It's when they are rude enough to stare that I see what most see me as. A freakishly overweight woman who has no will power to stop eating or to exercise. They are right and that makes it worse. I know it's my fault for how overweight I am. At 5 foot 3 inches and crossing the line of 290 pounds, almost 300 that I am close to two and a half times my Ideal weight to height ratio. The unbelieving looks I get when we are together pisses me off. Like how dare I be with him when he is fit and handsome. How did I do it? She must really be rich to keep a guy like that. Like I should not be with him unless there is some outside reason. That is the real issue. I agree with them in at a base level. I keep waiting for him to say that it's enough. That I'm disgusting and that he is leaving. I really wish he could have it all and then some and that I could have the body everyone lusts after. Then he could get the looks and know how it feels.

I'll never admit this to him and it"s probably my problem too, or at least part of it. I really get turned on when I see a guy with a gut on him. I'm not talking about a beer belly that would go away if the guy lost 30 or 40 pounds. I fantasize about Mike with a gut that only comes from a life of gluttony with food and a taste for beer. I guess I have unwittingly done too myself what I wished I could do to Mike. If only I could switch us around and I have the body I crave and he has the body I desire him to have as well. Me at five foot eleven with lots of leg to his 6 and a half feet barefoot. With a set of breasts that would cause heart failure in Hugh Hefner and an Ass and Legs that will make any Latino woman weep with envy. The cherry would be a sexy little belly that goes great with all the other curves I dream about. Sex on a stick is the term that I would like to hear cast my way. What I wouldn't give to see him at two and a half times what he should weigh. At 400 - 500 pounds or more and six and a half feet tall, there would not be any larger in the room than him very often if ever at all. Let the other men stare and wonder what he has that keeps me around. Let them assume that it must be because he rich or has a huge cock. I don't care. I just want him to have the lack of will power to say no to extra servings or from taking too large of a serving to begin with. How I would love taking him shopping for clothes at the big guy stores and watching as he modeled 4x and 5x clothes for me. Oh god, just to see his belly turn the corner before he did with a little wobble to it. Yes, a firm belly with just the right amount of softness to grab a hold of. The thought of how it would feel rubbing against my pelvis and my clit ......
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Balloon 5 years
This is a very erotic story. I love it.
Jtjx 6 years
I have more written. Some is in the polish it up stage and some that is more like 2nd or third draft phase as well then notes for follow up stories once I have completed this story ark. My goal is to give everyone a stand alone story that will also b