Chef cliff and the mysterious mind shift

chapter 1

Chef Cliff is a regular man. A regular man who happens to loves slaving over a stove. Home, work, some random BBQ at a public park, a chili cook off; you name it Chef Cliff has been there and cooked that. Cliff is rugged and thinner than you'd expect a chef to be. He looks like an avid hiker, beard on full display but lithe and nimble; you know the type - someone who disappears for months to hike the Appalachian Trail.

Roxanne is dying to lose weight. She's tried it all and will constantly announce to the mirror that today is the day. Name that diet she's tried it. Name that hunger that seems to radiate to the bone, she's had it. She's currently on the cabbage soup diet and to be honest, even her pin up girl bicep tattoo is hungry. She's got to stay strong though, she's a bridesmaid in two weeks.

Two weeks later.

Cliff is hustling at his bakery. He's making decadent mini desserts. Mini lemon meringues torched to perfection, raspberry macaroons bursting with jam, baby apple galettes and of course petit chocolate cakes. Is it really a party without chocolate? Cliff samples one of each saving the lemon for last. He meticulously licks the meringue making swirls with his tongue. He takes it in like ice cream. Cliff's tongue is gentle but firm. If the meringue were a clit, dear reader, it would have orgasmed twice by now. Cliff turns himself on and laughs. The only thing he loves more than eating dessert is hand feeding someone else his petit pastry perfections.

Roxanne roams around the wedding venue. Jet black hair curled and pinned back. G cup breasts squeezed in a bra, shapewear and a strapless dress. She tugs at the satin and curses the bride. The fabric clings to her ample belly betraying every line, roll and crease. She vows not to look in the mirror for the rest of the day. Roxanne feels faint. Between the shapewear, two weeks of cabbage soup and being on her feet all day she's spent.

She stumbles upon Cliff setting up the desserts. They exchange a glance and nothing more. Her stomach jumps. He wonders what she looks like out of that dress.

When Roxann wanders back into the room she takes a macaroon. Just one, to keep her sugars up. Cliff spots her and she tries to put it back. He urges her to enjoy herself and watches, eager for her to take a bite. Once she does she tries another and another. So much for cabbage soup misery. At first she's embarrassed until Cliff walks over and feeds her a chocolate cake square. Without knowing the why she licks the stray frosting from his fingers.

Her dress, struggling to hold her her forty inch belly, creeks and burst. She's mortified, but Cliff touches it reassuringly. They move to a local supply closet to see what they can do. Cliff, bringing the cart of sweets with them. Roxann's belly flops and jiggles with each step. Cliff can't stop looking. He isn't embarrassed by his own arousal but conscious of it given the setting. He tries to remind himself that he's at work but the hunger in his arousal is too strong.

Once inside the closet he can't help himself. He reach through the rip in her dress and cradles her belly. He rubs it slowly at first then with gusto. She tells him about being slim but he cuts her off. The best women are soft and can eat, he tells her. She relaxes into this new found territory.

The dress rips more as he tries to navigate the industrial shapewear. Instead he manages to hike up the dress. He licks residual macaroon crumbs from the corners of her mouth then feeds her another. Slowly he bends hiding under the dress.

Eat for me while I make you feel like a queen. She reaches for the most perfect mini merengue. Savoring it while he uses his tongue to navigate through her swollen labia to an eager clit. He treats it like an ice cream cone. Swirling and lapping using his fingers to pump in and out. His face getting slick and shinny with her juices. She lets out a gasp and leans into him, hot with the flurry of cum. Who knew she could squirt.

Letting the dress fall, the shapewear come off, her breasts heave and her stomach expands in the most delightful way. She consumes morsel after morsel while Cliff continues to go down on her. She's never had such powerful orgasm. Clenching and crying out she rubs merengue on her chest. Cliff rises to suck it off her nipples before going back down.

Tongue working in and out of her pussy. Hands finally making it to her ass for a hearty squeeze. After four orgasms Cliff is out of breath and Roxann can't stand. They look to the tray of desserts, there's more on Roxann than left for the guests.

She laughs and vows not to diet again. Cliff will make sure of that.
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