Coaches rule

Chapter 1 - junior year

Coach dan was really fat and he knew it he loved to be fat. He was a teacher at the school and was the football ,coach. He was about 400 pounds and was the history teacher. He was the coach for years and he was ready for this season. Justin and matt were knew very good at football and had to prove to coach dan that. After one practice they went out to get some pizza and coach dan ordered a pizza for himslef and matt and justin got a salad. They were both about 180 pounds of muscle. Coach dan said you guys need to bulk for baseball they didnt know what it was so he ordered them the same as he got. They went to the back and got ready to eat. Coach dan told the. That this bulk would help them build muscle and help them gain weight to improve their swing and there were happy to do it. Justin and matt dove right into the food and both finised around the same time and they were very bloated they let out a couple of burps and moved on...
Two weeks had gone by ad they were in the locker rokms and they told coach there unifors were getting tight. They had both gained about 20 punds and it was starting to show. Before practice matt was shoving donuts in his mouth when pop his button burst and his newly formed tummy was showing. Justin two was like this except he dropped a candy rapper and his pants split he was so embarrassed. They both left to go stuff ther faces until they were happy again..
Justin and matt showed up to dunkin donuts to eat their pain away tney went in and ordered a hindred donut each. They met coach in there and he was up about 20 pounds too. They got in their car and coach helped them stuuf their faces with donuts and soda. They finished a hundred donuts each and their bellies were really showing.Justin said urppppppp I think this bulk urrrpppp is going well we are going the get hugeurppppppppp. Coach dan went back inside to order more donuts.
Four fattening months went buy were justin and mike were finally becoming huge. Coach dan balloned up to 450 pounds and justin and matt were three hundred pounds. They had to order new uniforms for them because they kept popping buttons and expanding every minute. Coach dan was very happy to see how big they were getting. If they werent practicing for baseball they were eating and eating more and more each day. Justin and matt sometimes didnt go to practice becaise they couldnt get off their lazy butts after stuffing their faces all day. Matt and justin pulled up to the school for practice and there already new uniforms were showing their giant guts. They were the fattest football players on the team. Their only job on the team was to get fat and be huge to block everyone.Ryan and justin went to the buffet after practice and coach dan got them plate after plate of food. Their bellies were poping out of their football jerseys and their buttons already fell off. They had an endless hunger and kept getting plate after plate until they couldnt move anymore. Coach dan and the guys let out some burps and were ready to get home. The boys had to help coach ryan get up because he was super stuffed and much heaver then them.
It was a 8 months later and The end of the school year and they were ready for summer. Matt and justin balloned up they were both 450 pounds they were really tipping the scales. They were massive and coach got so mcuh bigger. Coach balloned up to 575 pounds. They have both gotten huge and their uniforms were know a four xl. They were all huge and they ate so much junk every day. It was the last game before senior year and summerr. They won amd coach took the team out to a nice dinner and after he kept matt and justinf for a feast of their own.
Cach dan arrived at the destination and took off their blindfolds they were at the donut factory. Justin and matt could smell all the donuts and they dove in. There were piles and piles of donuts. Justin went to his favorite which were glaze and sat down and jsit put hanfuls and hamdfulls of donuts in his mouth. He could feel himself blowing up like a ballon. Matt and coach dan went over to the chocolate glazed donuts and pigged out they were eating hundreds by the minutes. They all met up by the frosting station they put the hose in their mouths and let the frosting come out. Matt took his hose out of his mouth let out a massive burp and thats when his button went flying off his pants. They all felt like they couldnt move. They drove home stuffed and coach rubbed their bellies. They both were ready to see what summer would do to them.
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MangaBL 6 years
I can't imagin, how heavy and sexy those three looked! Hopefully they get to big to get through a door way!! XD