chapter 1

A fitness freak like you should have a fit wife, with a tight body.

Instead your wife is a morbidly obese, 589 pound hog that you’re actively feeding heavier every day. It’s not hard to dominate her with the shape you’re in, she barely has enough strength to walk a few feet without gasping for air. Watching her flabby, pale arms try to stop you from force feeding her only turns you on more. You have complete control over her, her weak and ruined body only serving to please you.

She nearly drools over your perfect body every time you’re naked, which around her, is quite a lot. Feeling your rock hard abs and muscles moving against her soft, useless flab turns her on as much as it does you. She gladly eats more unhealthy junk every day in hopes that you’ll *** harder that night. She loves it when you take her out to eat, seeing the jealousy of skinnier women not believing that you would even be seen with a woman her size. She knows they can’t get your attention without being a quarter ton or more.

Now, as you have her bent over the kitchen counter, face shoved into a cake, you wonder if it’s morally wrong to be with and encourage someone this fat. She’s 26 years old and almost 600 pounds, surely that’s not safe? But any thoughts of concern disappear when you see every roll on her shake with your thrusts, her pale skin sloshing like a bowl of jelly. The massive tattoo visible on her ass cheeks says “DADDYS HOG,” a permanent reminder of what she is and who she belongs to. You don’t let her come up for air, forcing her to swallow more cake if she wants to breathe. You turn her over, exposing her huge belly, with another tattoo around her belly button, saying “FUCK ME.” You slide your penis into her belly button, grab a large fist of cake, and violently force it into her already messy mouth as you *** belly button. You don’t even care that the windows are open, or that the lights are on.

You want everyone to see what you fuck behind closed doors. You want them to bear witness to your wife’s descent into obesity, all while you happily *** into a oblivion.
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