Copy cat

chapter 1

Lucy was slim, but not particularly fit. She did not do any regular form of exersise, but always had good intentions. She had joined the gym... more than once! She had been caught up in yearly contracts and had to fork out money every month, yet only actually stepping inside the gym three times. The first time was to have a look round and sign up, the second time was for her induction. The third time, we'll that was when she decided it was simply too much like hard work!
To keep her slim figure, she kept a very strict rein on her appetite, sometimes, skipping entire meals so that she could have enjoy a good night out with her freinds.
She never snacked between meals, never ate chocolate, cream, butter, or mayonnaise. She tried to avoid too many carbs such as potatoes and bread. She avoided sugary treats, but drank plenty of Diet Coke.
The fizzy drink not only satisfied her sweet cravings, but it also filled her full of caffeinated energy. She needed plenty of that! She got through at least two cans of the stuff every day.

Towards Christmas one year, Lucy noticed her boss was putting on a bit of weight. Well, actually, it wasn't just a bit of weight, he was piling it on! He was normally so slim. But then again it was the party season. Time for indulgent 'Christmas do's' that were almost obligatory to attend. She was lucky, she only had the office one to go to.
Her boss, Ian had been there as well. She'd not seen him get up on the dance floor, but she'd noticed he had become very drunk. Someone sitting on his table said he had suspected Ian was pregnant. He had certainly eaten for two!
The next morning, he came in slightly later than usual, looking very much worse for wear, eating something or other.
After that, she noticed he always seemed to be eating, but it was never a healthy apple or banana. It was bars of chocolate, bags of crisps, biscuits, sweets, cake... anything!
He did not usually go to the canteen for his lunch. Now he was often there eating a full dinner and pudding. Why would he eat so much when he was going out again in the evening?
His diary was full until after Christmas. She'd put several of the dates in herself.
Her boss's clothing was getting tight. He tried to hide how much the buttons gaped over his growing belly by covering the placket with his tie. The taut fabric of his shirt was still noticeable. His trousers were still getting tight.
She thought he was disgusting! How could he be so greedy?
Yet, she could not help but watch him when he entered a room. Some days he was visibly bigger than he had been even the day before! If he was not married and ten years her senior, she could have fancied him when he was slim. But not now! Ugh! She was completely turned off by him and his gluttony, yet she could not help herself watching him and his growing body.
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Jcitaly 6 years
Keep writing! Love this!
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Technology is great when it works! Extra ch 3 deleted, but now ch 4 is missing!