By Punchy

chapter 1

So I originally posted half of this story on another website's story page. I got some good feedback, and some really nonsense feedback that made me feel ashamed of my kink. A forum manager also doubted I was even English and thought that I wrote like English was my second language. Well, I finally found Fantasy Feeder and I hope this story is liked. Please let me know if not, any and all feedback is welcome as long as it is constructive.

"I do!" whispered Amber, looking upwards at me with her big brown eyes, an extra shine to them thanks to the beginnings of tears of happiness. I leaned in to kiss her, my hands on her slim waist, her arms around my neck, pulling me in to kiss her. Amber and I were now wed, and we must have looked happier than ever together.

After the wedding, the reception went as planned, with the toasts and embarrassing speeches one would come to expect from a modern day wedding. The food the hotel served was suited to everybody's tastes, but the main event was the cake. A 3 tiered vanilla cream masterpiece, iced to perfection, with a little groom and little bride on top. "How's the cake honey?" I asked, as I saw my wife nibbling at a slice. "Oh, it's lovely. It's so good I might even have another slice..." she said, eyeing the nowhere near finished cake. "No harm in that love, it's not like you can't let go and relax a little!" I wasn't wrong. Amber was a slim, beautiful woman. She was five foot six inches tall, with a perky bum, slim waist, and blessed with a DD chest, she was perfect to me. I did love curvy women, and it was her chest that caught my attention 2 years ago. What was amazing to me was that she didn't do an ounce of exercise, apart from her commute to her job where she worked as a medical secretary in the same hospital where I worked as a physiotherapist. I would drive in usually, whereas Amber would wake up early, skip breakfast, and run or cycle in, come rain or shine.

"Alright! You've made the sale, fetch me another slice of cake hon'. I guess it's time to relax now that all the wedding stress is over!" said Amber with a wink, as she drank from her glass of champagne. I smiled, and got up to do my husbandly duties. Looking forward to the long, two week honeymoon I had planned in Las Vegas.

That night, after the reception was over, Amber and I had our first night as married couple. We celebrated the day with a night of passionate sex, though admittedly no different to the vanilla flavoured sex we usually had, just this time as husband and wife.

We woke up (groggily) to a champagne breakfast. "Thank god the flight is tomorrow, we definitely would've missed it if we had to be up early today! I'm feeling a little hungover!" Amber said, as she slowly munched on her warm buttery croissant.
"What time is the flight from Austin tomorrow hon'?"
"It leaves at eight in the morning, so we should really be there for seven at the latest. I thought earlier would be best, more time for us to lose our money in Vegas that way." I replied with a cheeky wink. "And I'm just glad we've packed already! You've packed your bikinis right?"
"Yep! Don't worry hon', you'll see plenty of my body at the pool...and in bed!" Amber replied.

Another shag, sleep, and flight later...

"Thanks for the ride, and keep the change." I told the cabbie. We had arrived outside the exclusive boutique hotel just off the Vegas strip, Crave.
"Let's go check in and start our honeymoon!" Amber said excitedly. We checked in with Jon, the clerk on reception, and after handing them our honeymoon suite room key, he told us, "and for your information, as honeymoon guests in Crave, you may both enjoy food and drink on us throughout your stay for the next fourteen days, from both the Indulge restaurant buffet and swimming pool bar. May I say our buffet has had great reviews from our guests."
"Wow, that's wonderful, thank you very much." I replied gratefully. "Are you hungry Amber? I could eat..."
"Not really...but if you're hungry, let's check it out I suppose."

Amber and I took a seat in the all-day buffet called, 'Indulge'.
"The food looks and smells delicious doesn't it love???"
"Mmmm it really does, I just wish I was hungry. How about you get what you like, but hurry up ok, I want to eat you up in our suite!" Amber said with a wink. I picked up some pulled pork and chicken sliders, fries, and went back to Amber.
"They smell good..." Amber said, eyes focused on the sliders.
"They really are! Best sliders I've eaten...that or I'm just hungry!" I said with a full mouth. "Help yourself love, have a fry or try a slider."
"...Ok, what the hell, I'm on vacation right?"
Amber grabbed a slider and took a bite. And another. And another. Her appetite had been unleashed!
"This is so good! I'm going to have to grab myself a plate!" Amber said with a mouth full of fries.

She came back to the table with two plates crammed with classic junk food - burgers, fries, sliders, deep pan pizza. Amber crammed her face non-stop.
"This is unbelievable love, I've never seen you eat like this before!" I said slightly alarmed.
"I......know!.......I......must've.. ...been......hungry....after.....all...." Amber said in between chewing and swallowing her meal.

I looked at my love while she was stuffing her slim face with food and making a mess of her white tank top, dropping bits of food between her breasts, dripping grease and mustard from her mouth down onto her top and jean shorts.
"Mmmm. That was really REALLY good...I noticed the beautiful desserts they've got here...I think I'm going to have to treat myself to one!" Amber said, with a glint her in eyes.
One?!?!? More like the whole tray! I thought as she returned with two plates full of cake, ice cream, and cream pastries!

Another half an hour later, and Amber finally finished, cream and chocolate all over her face and mouth. She pulled her chair back, and rested her hands on her now distended belly. In the space of an hour, she had made herself a little poochy belly, her tank top riding up ever so slightly, her face a little red after chewing and swallowing so much food in a small amount of time. With that, Amber let out a belch.
"Whew! Excuse me!" Amber giggled.
"That's ok, you earned that burp!" I said, turned on by my wife's new greedy appetite and shamelessness. "So.....shall we...umm...check out the bedroom?" I just wanted to rip those dirty clothes off her and feed her my cock, which had been hard the whole time she was stuffing her face....
"Mmmm. That sounds like the best plan I've heard all day." She said with a wink.
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Chrysophase2003 3 years
That was fun! I imagine a hotel that deals in products derived from its permanent guests, as well as allows those guests "visitors" for a fee would be profitable all around.
RFBurton 3 years
I supported you vociferously on D%$@%$#!!! The criticisms were uncalled for and ludicrous. Thanks for posting...and hope for many more stories from you!!
Incubi 5 years
I liked it, the ending seems a little rushed but was an unexpected twist that worked well.
Chasingfall 5 years
I read up to chapter four and I thought it was pretty good. The pace is a little quick, but that's not necessarily the wrong approach with this kind of writing. Thank you for sharing!