Daisy: a weight gain story

chapter 1 - a fan favourite

Wednesday 13th December 2017

The Royal Albert Hall in London was decked out for the grand occasion of The Last Jedi's premiere with the synonymous Red Carpet laid down as a catwalk for the movie's stars to parade down and interact with the masses of fans and journalists who would congregate around the carpet hoping to get a selfie with their favourite star or get a tasty soundbite for their report. A battalion of stormtroopers lined the carpet sporting the iconic gear while holding replica blasters. The limos pulled up far away from the entrance to the hall and the stars exited to rapturous applause as they could strut down the carpet gesturing to fans and soak in the atmosphere. Mark Hamill stepped out and received the biggest cheer of the night so far. He waltzed down the carpet applying his trademark charisma and gladly interacted with fans as he has for his entire career since he took up the Skywalker mantle. Up next was Kelly Marie Tran who portrayed one of the newest characters Rose Tico and fans wondered what role in the plot she would have, some hoping she helps save the day in a heroic fashion and to give asian american girls another role model to look up to. She sat nervously in the back seat of her limo adjusting her white dress and her hair to make sure she didn't embarrass herself as she made her grand entrance. The ambient rumblings of the crowds could be heard faintly inside her limo and it only compounded her anxiety.

"C'mon Kelly... this is your moment, you're in the big leagues now" She said to herself as a small pep talk.

It worked, the butterflies in her chest remained but she smiled to herself with slightly more confidence. She could faintly hear the voice of someone speaking unethusicaically into a microphone.

"Up next is Kelly Marie Tran..." The voice said.

One of the security detail opened the door and she suddenly the noise died down tremendously to near almost silence as she stepped out onto the carpet. She exploded in a cold sweat as everyone just stared at her. Walking slowly forwards she began waving meekly at the crowds to muted response, she slowly picked up the pace and quickly walked to the entrance of the hall to avoid anymore awkward attention. Standing in the doorway to the hall she took some deeps breaths and composed herself as she buried her face in her hands.

"They hated meeeee..." She said, muffled slightly by her hands.

The microphone clicked on again, causing Kelly to bring her head out from her hands to see who was being announced next.

"And now the beautiful and talented Miss DAISY RIDLEEEEEEEY!

The crowd exploded in screeching and thunderous applause as Daisy Ridley emerged from her limousine carriage in her tight noir dress which tightly hugged her slender frame. Her name rang out from the crowd as young girls dressed in her costume desperately wanted a picture with their hero. She smiled beautifully and genuinely as she greeted fans and pulled alluring poses for the paparazzi. Green with envy, Kelly look into the hall to see a gigantic poster for the film hanging down from the tall ceiling and Daisy was near enough front and centre with herself tucked away in Daisy's shadow next to Chewbacca which added salt to her ego's wounds. She crossed her arms like a petulant child and sulked off to her seat in the theatre.

" Look at how she lapped it all up... Posing with that tight body and that cheesy ass smile... UHG..." She mumbled to herself spitefully.

The security detail had to hurry her along as the other stars needed to make their appearances and as she was escorted to the door she blew kisses to her adoring fans, giving one final wave goodbye. The doors to the hall were closed behind her and security formed a perimeter either side of the door to protect against unwanted visitors. All of the cast and crew were all funneled into the theatre where they would eventually take their seats and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Hours later the cast and crew all met at their hotel for a celebratory buffet. On show was a plethora of foods from all over the world such as the finest curries from India, the loaded pizzas from Italy and stacked burgers all with a variety of fillings to name a few. Kelly's table was in the far corner of the room and the furthest away from the banquet. On her table she had a few members of the film crew mixed with a few of the lesser known actors from the film and a empty chair right next to Kelly, the seating was first come first serve with all the early birds getting the better tables nearer to the food. Everyone has made it to a seat and the banquet was about to begin however small murmurs began to echo around the room.

"Where's Daisy?"

"Cmon Daisy I wanna eat..."

"We can't start eating without our biggest star, it would be rude"

Suddenly Daisy came bursting through the door with her toothy smile stretched across her face as everyone look over in surprise.

"Sorry guys, the fans outside were manic, i almost had to fight them off with my staff haha!" She bellowed before putting her hand over her mouth thinking she was too loud.

Kellys face cringed as she rolled her eyes.

"Can we get a seat for Daisy anywhere... ah yes over there in the back corner" A member of the team asked.

"Ugggh its so far awaaaay... ugh fiiiine" Daisy said as she waded through the other tables to what seemed like another continent to her.

Daisy arrived at Kelly's table and took her seat next to her. Once sat down she shimmied in her chair as she tried to get comfy until she looked up at her tablemates.

"Hey guys" She said joyously waving at everyone.

"How are we..." Daisy said before being interrupted.

"Alright everyone, dig in!" Someone shouted.

Upon hearing the verbal green light Daisy raced to the buffet, ducking and weaving between other diners so she got to the best food first. Kelly rose from the table and slowly navigated her way to the buffet and returned quite quickly, only take a reasonable amount of food. Behind she could hear a recognisable voice

"Oops... Sorry... big load coming through haha"

Kelly turned in her chair to be met with Daisy carrying two stacked plates of food, all piled on top of each other creating a amalgamation of foods and flavours for her to consume. Kelly's mouth dropped in dismay and gawked as Daisy steadily walked over, making doubly sure she didn't spill anything. Once Daisy managed to weave her way through the dining area and upon arriving back at her table he's placed the the two dishes on her and plonked herself back down on her chair. Kelly's gaze went back and forth between her modest plate of food and Daisy's two towering mountains of food with her feelings of disgust turning slowly into curiosity.

"Where's she gonna put all that!?" Kelly thought to herself as she examined Daisy's flat stomach in her already tight dress.

"Phew...haha!" Daisy said triumphantly as she rubbed her aching wrists.

"You guys might want to get to the burger bar quick... i may have cleared half of it hehe" She continued.

Upon hearing that bombshell of news everyone else on the table scrambled out of their chairs and orderly rushed back towards the buffet, everyone but Kelly who was still sat their staring. Daisy's pupils widened and she licked her lip as she grabbed her first burger from her pile, while raising it to her lips Daisy aught Kelly out of the corner of her eye and grinned.

"When you've been doing Jedi Training for months you really build up an appetite" She grinned, before bringing the burger closer to her lips. As her teeth tore into the burger she moaned slightly as the grease exploded in her mouth with some spilling out and trickling down her chin. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she continued to devour the burger and she continued making soft moans after taking bite after bite.

"I didn't take her to be such a foodie... All that would be killer for her figure" Kelly thought to herself, slowly bring her own food to her mouth and chewing thoughtfully as she examined Daisy further.

Nothing on her plates was safe from her ravenous hunger. About twenty minutes later Daisy had cleaned both of her plates and licked the greasy bottoms clean. Daisy leaned back in her chair visibly defeated by her gluttonous escapade. Her face was crimson red and a expression of both pleasure and pain covered her face, along with grease stains and residue of curries. Daisy licked her lips and let out a soft moan as she stared off into the distance. By this point Kelly had stopped paying attention for a few minutes and turned to face Daisy. Her eyes shot open in shock, she looked down to Daisy's midriff and what was once a slim flat tummy had inflated to a small beach ball with it pushing her dress to its absolute limit. Daisy's dainty hands caressed it through her dress, trying to sooth any pain and help relieve the bloatedness she felt. Kelly looked around the table and no one else seemed to care or clocked onto the fact that Daisy was pigging out so openly.

" Who is nobody seeing this shit!?" Kelly thought

"UUUUUUURp... Ahhhh..." Interrupted Kelly's train of thought as Daisy managed to coax out some of that pent up gas inside.

"Oops, Pardon Moi...ufff" Daisy managed to say still being somewhat in a food induced trance.

"She either has a amazing trainer or a strong metabolism" Kelly thought to herself

"Imagine if she had neither blimped up... She'd be kicked off in no time... Maybe all she needs is a little push..."

Kelly shook her head, attempting to bring her to her senses.

"What am i thinking... I couldn't make her do it"

"Or could I...?" She finished.
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Cenobitekitty 5 years
This kind of reminds me of that romance novel about ted cruise and the zodiac killer
Darthbane2007 5 years
I hope you update soon...
Bobby123 5 years
good start. looking forward to seeing where this goes.