Discoveries and relations

chapter 1

Dotting the grassy fields were two people, a male and a female. The male walked in the front with the female behind him. Both of the people wore plenty of clothing designed to protect against any changes in weather in the open fields. There were no towns, no cities in sight. However, there were some abandoned (or non) buildings around. Farmhouses and cabins, usually. On the older side, too.

The male wore a helmet obscuring his face while the female just wore a hat to block out the sun. The male's name, or at least the one he went by, was Iota, while for the female, was Kate.

Kate was generally quiet. She was about 5 foot 9, while the male was clearly taller, but only a couple inches more. However, she spoke up. "What are we looking for?" She asked.

"Nothing. We're just.." Iota trailed off, seemingly not knowing the answer either. Kate fell silent again for a few more moments, then attempted to start conversation.

"Nice weather, huh?"


"Well, at least it's not boiling hot out here. Just right, right?"

Kate continued on for a few seconds before Iota turned around, moving to tell her to be quiet, before he tripped forwards, letting out a noise that sounded surprised, and almost in slight pain.

Kate seemed surprised as well, but reacted quickly, running to her partner's side. "Are you alright?" She asked, placing her hand on his shoulder.

Iota took a moment to respond, wincing. "My ankle," he said.

Kate looked over, moving closer. She then noticed it as well. The ankle was clearly injured.

"I can't believe this.." Iota said, though the pain.

Kate wasn't sure what to do. She looked around, then spotted it. On a hill was a house. That was her best bet. Looking to Iota, she spoke, causing the male to slightly turn in her direction. "I know you won't like this, but I'm gonna need you tell help me here." She paused, thinking how to word her next sentence. "I can't exactly carry you on my own, but I can support you, so don't put any weight on your ankle, okay?"

Iota nodded. "I'll try."

Attempting to get up took them a bit. Kate was cautious, she did not want to injure her partner even more than he already was. Everything went well, but she felt the weight of Iota relying on her immediately. It wasn't that hard, but she wasn't used to doing this, either. Good or bad, you choose.

The hardest part was going uphill. But even then, they reached the house, Kate observing the windows. She approached, knocking on the door. When there was no answer, she opened it. It seemed no one had been here for a while now. The home was old fashioned somewhat, with them entering right into a sitting room.
Kate thought, 'Good, that's good.' She walked forwards, helping Iota to sit down. Said person leaned back against the couch, something out of character for him, but Kate made an expectation. The room was silent; awkwardly silent. Kate could hear her own breathing, but also Iota's. Even then, the silence was enough for her to hear a quiet gurgle, which Iota seemed to ignore, but Kate did not.
Kate glanced in Iota's direction. She considered a few things, before opening her mouth.

"Are you hungry?" She asked.

"Huh?" Iota said without turning towards her.

"Do you need eat?" She asked in a different way.

"Oh. Yeah, sure." Iota answered. "Anything is fine."

Nodding, Kate went to search for food. She didn't know her way around the house, but it was fairly easy to figure out; there were three floors. A basement, this current floor, and the second floor. This floor circled around the stairs. She opened what seemed to be the fridge, but found only empty glass bottles in it. Proceeding to the cupboards, her searches here were in vain. She only found dishes and containers within. Kate proceeded to the basement, turning on the light, which luckily, worked. As she reached the floor, she was surprised with a view.

It was like they were preparing for the apocalypse down here. It wasn't all canned food. There were fridges down here too, all with food and drinks in them. Surveying the area, she picked up a box from a freezer with no labels on it, yet it had to have something in it. She carried it upstairs, setting it on the counter, and opening it. More packaging. She carefully took it off, and saw some papers, instructions.

Kate looked at the frozen meal before her. It was kinda like some sort of spaghetti. She read the instructions, which told her to have a microwave, and put it in. Luckily, there was one. She had to worry about electricity, of course. Miraculously, the microwave started to work. She turned around, washing her hands. It beeped, alerting her to grab it out. She flinched back as the plate was hot at first, but it cooled down quick enough. Taking it out, there was a small bag with some cheese in it. She cut it open and sprinkled some of it on there, then set it down to grab the plate, taking it back to Iota, who was sitting in somewhat the same position as before.
She set down the plate. Apparently, Iota's eyes were closed, but due to the noise, his head moved up. It was hard to tell with his helmet and all. He sat up, albeit slowly, observing what she had placed before him. Kate was a bit worried he did not like it, but he nodded. "Thanks," he said.

Kate closed her eyes, nodding. "You're welcome." She walked off in search of something for herself while the male removed his helmet to eat.
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