European adventure

chapter 1

Jack looked out of the restaurant window and thought about how much he loved this new job. He had been teaching at a private school and heard about this opportunity to watch a group of middle school age kids for three months around Europe. When he first meet the kids for a welcome meeting he was amazed, all of them were really fat. Jack had always been a fat boy himself... a very fat man... and seemingly in the process of becoming an even fatter man. He was never able to resist the temptation of fattening foods, a greedy man who always wanted MORE! He would get goose bumps just from thinking about his favorite deserts. Oh to savor! To taste! To EAT! Stuffing his face gave his such a rush. When it came to food he just couldn't help himself. Whenever he starting eating he never wanted to stop until he was absolutely completely stuffed full. After eating Jack would rub his big round belly and sigh. He was ashamed that his love affair with food was making him so fat. From chubby, to plump, to fat, his weight had climbed rapidly ever since he hit puberty. Now he was becoming simply massive. His size was starting to astound even him on the rare occasions he dared himself to stand naked in front of a full length mirror. Last time he did this he cautiously jiggled his belly out of curiosity and upon seeing the huge waves of fat it generated rippling all over his body he quickly turned the mirror to face the wall in alarm. Obese was almost an understatement. He would have been considered morbidly obese over a hundred pounds ago. He had eaten many, many more times as much food as most 29 year old men would have done by that age. He knew it deep down. It embarrassed his but he couldn't help it. He was a complete and utter glutton.

But any negative thoughts he had about his size would only last a short while. Jack would justify his size telling himself that there were still plenty of girls out there that found him attractive. He had beautiful brown hair and a handsome face, but to be honest, he really didn't think about girls all that often. Jack's love of food was enough to keep him really quite happy and very satisfied. And the more he indulged the happier he felt. Most days he would eat lunch and dinner at an all you can eat buffet. He didn't like making a pig out of himself in public, but it was literally the only way he could afford to satisfy his enormous desire to eat. He would always try to eat slowly and savor every mouthful, but usually after a few mouthfuls he would lose control and start stuffing his face as fast as he possibly could, his mind lost in his own private ecstasy. He would eat at break neck pace, only slowing down as he became too full to continue. Whilst he enjoyed the feeling of being stuffed immensely, deep down part of his was disappointed that it meant he had to stop eating. Sometimes he wondered what it would be like to be able to eat and eat and eat all day long and never stop. Little did he know that one fateful day he would actually find out.

It was lunchtime and he was in Europe with a group of 6 other fat kids he was watching over as a trip advisor. He had eaten so much over the last month. When he had signed on for the job he did not know what he was in store for. After visiting each country in Europe he had put on a 15-20 lbs in each country they had visited. He had really gotten huge. It did not help that the kids he was watching over on the trip were all very obese and liked to eat 6 meals a day. He had made some fun of some of the kids when he had started the trip, hiding some of their food and eating some of the food on their plates when they went to the bathroom. He also had two kids a boy and a girl Albert and Gretchen who he had to take extra special care of. They would eat and eat and then get all constipated on all the food they eat. He would then have to go get special laxative medicine for them, especially Albert. One time he had not brought the medicine and Albert was uncomfortable after eating a large meal for over an hour until they got back to the hotel. When they had arrived in Germany, Gretchen said her mother had something special planned for him since he loved to eat so much and got some much pleasure from food. He wondered what it was as he went into the hotel and stated to eat his large lunch while the kids were going to visit a health clinic for 3 days while he had some time off.
Albert's mother had recommended this German Buffett spot and he thought it sounded great. After he had ordered 4 appetizers and 3 main plates of food and had eaten a colossal meal that could have fed an entire family and was now browsing the enticing selection of deserts. So engrossed in the enjoyment of the ritual feeding his belly was he that Jack never noticed the sinister looking woman watching his from his table at the far end of the buffet. The woman's attention was fixed on his ass he waddled his hugely curvy love handles and thunderous thighs back to his seat carried 4 slices of Bavarian chocolate cake. His shirt was so tight you could see glimpses of his belly as he walked along just peeking out slightly as it bounced with his steps. He was so handsome, and so very deliciously fat. His massively fat round beach ball belly and thicker than tree trunk thighs jiggled wildly, and his chair creaked ominously as he lowered himself awkwardly down to sit. Yes he would do nicely she thought.

Unaware anyone was watching him took a HUGE bite of the German chocolate cake getting some filling on his double chin and spilling some down the front of his tight, outgrown green shirt his favorite color. This didn't slow him down as he dove in for another massive bite. He finished the entire 4 large slices before attempting to clean himself up, and by that stage his entire hands and face were completely smeared with chocolate filling. He licked his sticky chocolaty fingers before wiping them messily down the front of his chocolate stained top. The pressure of rubbing his hands on his food filled belly caused his to hiccup uncontrollably several times. He had to get his inhaler out to help with his breathing because he was getting so fat from weight induced asthma. Then just as he caught his breath without warning a massive burp escaped his lips. He looked around red in the face with embarrassment. Jack's attentive observer couldn't help but chuckle. Yes, he would do very nicely indeed. In fact, he may just be perfect. Gretchen's mother thought about how her daughter had told her about the teacher that was the trip advisor and how much he enjoyed eating and how much weight he had gained. Albert had also told her about the time he had forgotten his laxative medicine and how uncomfortable he was. Well she would make sure Albert was paid back and this would give her the opportunity to test something out for her husband's firm. Her husband worked at a German drug company that had just developed a new drug. As she looked at Jack she thought he will be the perfect person to test it on.

Jack got up sheepishly and went to the bathroom to clean up. This was just the opportunity the woman had been waiting for. She approached his table and casually slipped two blue tablets & 2 pink tablets in to his soft drink. They fizzled like a couple of aspirin tablets and dissolved without a trace.

Jack eventually returned to his table, but not before grabbing himself another large slice of cake. She sat watching him excitedly and waited patiently for him to finish his desert. He ate a little slower this time and looked like he had a little trouble swallowing the last bite. He had to reach under the table and loosen his belt. His waist was already 54" and had grown 3 sizes over the last 6 weeks. It was hard to find a fat men's shop in Europe and the first one he had visited in Spain he had to visit again 2 weeks later. When he went in the women who ran the shop with her husband remembered me and told me to come out back to a fitting room and change into a robe. When I came out and she started measuring me and commented "My My you have enjoyed all our European cooking, you are not the first American we have fitted who loved to eat and could not help themselves and we have made custom cloths for. "Hmmm, a 56-inch waist. You like to eat, don't you big boy? And it shows -- congratulations, you've eaten yourself out of a 3X and into a 4X. And if you keep eating like you apparently are, you'll be a 5X in no time flat," as she patted me on my belly, making it jiggle. Well you have put on 7 cm's amount that's 1 ½ sizes" She said we a smile on her lips as she tightened the tape around his waist and thought of the money she would make from this fat American.
Hiccupping again he reached for his drink to wash it down. His eyes widened and he held his breath as he lifted the glass to his lips. Her face slowly widened into an evil grin as he downed the whole thing in just a few gulps.
Unfortunately poor Jack was none the wiser to what he had just ingested. Only the mysterious woman that spiked his drink knew what lay in store for him that day. The chemicals inside Jack's fat body would soon begin to absorb themselves into his plentiful fat reserves. Once they would begin driving his body to make even more fat, causing his huge appetite to increase to the point of being completely and utterly insatiable. Anything Jack ate would be converted into more fat so quickly that very soon he'd start to find that no amount of food would ever be able to completely satisfy his hunger for more than a short time. He would be driven to eat and eat and eat but he would never feel full, instead he would gain more and more weight with every morsel that passed his lips.
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Angerday 3 years
One of my favorite stories here!
Built4com4t 6 years
Kinky fantasy but this could so much more arousing if we knew why she was doing this, how much she got off on it all..her motivation. Her thoughts feelings and sensations as she manipulated and xplored his expanding body.

Just a thought
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Mmm, now this is the kind of story I can really enjoy! Nicely done!