Everything you could ever want

chapter 1

"Mommy!" I whined. "What sweetie?" "I need food now! I'm hungry!" "I know baby. I'm coming." she said. She walked into the room in a extraordinarily tight t-shirt and some tight panties on. Her large belly was spilling put of the bottom of her shirt and her swaying with her every step. Her enormous thighs jiggled and her ass could barely stay in her panties. Her breasts we practically spilling out over the top and bounced with every movement. She looked sexy as ever. "I bought you a little snack while I finish dinner." she said and handed me a tub of ice cream. I reached for it and she handed it to me. "Now don't go to slow. Dinners almost fineshed. Mommy doesn't want your food to get cold." she said and kissed my forehead. She then walked out. I tore open the tub and threw the lid somewhere in my room. It was nice and melted. It was thick today so that means mommy added butter and cream too it. Just how I like it. I poured the warm liquid down my throat with my hands on my belly feeling it expand. I felt drops of the creamy liquid dribble down my chin and fall on my massive chest. I had stopped wearing clothes a long time ago. I hated how they felt so tight. I was also a bit messy. But I didn't care. I was my mommy's little piggy. And that was all that mattered. When the last of the ice cream was gone I threw it somewhere else in my room and let pit a belch. I loved the feeling of it all sloshing around in my gut. I let out another belch. My mommy walked in again and I got another sight of her gorgeous body. "Dinners ready baby. C,mon. Ill help you up." I was out of breath when I got to the table. "Is my little piggy out of breath." she said as I sat down. The bench creaked under my weight. "Don't worry baby. Mommy will make sure your nice and full and fat." she grabbed a pot of mac n cheese. My favorite. She gave me a big spoon. "Eat what you can. And mommy will feed you the rest." I grunted again and took the spoon. I started feeding my self and moaned as the hot cheesy pasta slid down my throat. It was just too good. I forgot about the spoon and I started using my hands instead. I was shoveling fist ful after fist ful and I knew I was being a total slob but I couldn't stop. The bench groaned and gave out under me. I came crashing down but I kept eating. I didn't care. I let out a fart. When I was finished I let out a long belch. "More." I grunted. My mommy smiled and gave me a pot of mashed potatoes. They were thick and buttery. I kept eating letting out the occasional fart or burp. When I was done with that I felt stuffed. But I wanted more. Mommy set a large chocolate cake and a jug of milk down in front of me. At that point I just wanted that food inside me. I ate the whole thing in only a few handfuls. I chugged down the jug of milk and felt beyond stuffed. I three the jug across the room and groaned. I let put another long belch. "Is my fat pig all nice and full?" she asked. I groaned again. "Lets get you all cleaned up." she said and rubbed a moist towel all over my face. When she was done she helped me up to my bed. Then she straddled me. She pressed down on my belly and I bruped in her face. She started massaging my gut. "Mommyyyyy." I groaned. She put her mouth on one of my breasts and started sucking on it. I moaned again. She started toying with my other breast. She took her shirt off and I was met with her full bouncy breasts in my face. I started sucking on one of them and she moaned. She slapped my belly hard and burned sending shivers down her spine. "Look at you. A fat pig. Almost immbole. Your my baby. I made you this. You are mine. And no one else's. You are so needy. You need to feel full of have food in your mouth every second. And im here to give it to you. What my piggy wants is what my piggy gets. Your such a slob. Eating what ever you can get your hands on not caring if it gets all over you. You have no manners. But I love you because your my sexy baby. Your breasts are huge I love how big and soft they are. Your thighs are so soft and doughy. They jiggle when you burp and fart. When you move or snore. They lead to that big sexy ass of yours. Your gorgeous belly is not split into two you can't even see your belly button. Its lost in all that fat." she lifted up the top half of my belly and licked the fold. I moaned loudly. I burped again and she moaned. She lifted up my belly and licked all around my waist. Then she went to my private area a pleasured me. I felt her hot mouth on me and came in her mouth. She came back up and started massaging me again. "Look at you your covered in strech marks. You are mine." I grunted again. I felt full warm and tired. Mommy snuggled into me and kissed my cheek. "Night piggy." she said and turned the light off.
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