Fattening molly

Chapter 1 - mollys first day

Molly was a bouncy blonde girl with a bubbly personality, juvenile in some ways - but that’s what everyone adores about her.
At 23, Molly is fresh out of University and ready to embark on her career as a Secondary School English teacher.
It’s 7:30am and the nerves have kicked in as she pours in a third spoon of sugar in her tea, mindlessly munching through a packet of chocolate biscuits to steady her racing heart.
Grabbing her bag and coat, Molly makes her way to the front door but is stopped by her reflection in the full length mirror in the hallway.
There’s no denying she’s gained some weight at university, and then some over the summer. Molly traces her soft stomach with her chubby fingers and twists her torso slightly to imitate a waistline, but instead reveals her chunky thighs and peachy bum in a black pencil skirt that leaves nothing to the imagination.
There’s one thing Molly really loves about her weight gain, her growing breasts. They’re perched in a silky bra, her smooth tanned skin visibly pushing against the fabric of her clothes, teasing a view that would excite anyone.
She squeezes them, pouts lovingly at her reflection, then bounds out the door to her car.

As the day goes on, Molly relaxes and begins to ease into her new role as a teacher. It’s hard to feel in control of students when she still feels like a student herself. The classroom environment excites her, and her passion for student success pushes her through the nerves and eventually it’s 3:30pm - home time.

Exhausted, Molly climbs into her car and checks her phone, a message from her mother reads:

‘I’m making Chickpea Salad for tea, I need you to bring in some cucumber”

‘Great, rabbit food’ she thinks to herself.

Molly sets off to the shops, she pulls in at an Aldi and a McDonalds catches her eye. Molly goes into the store, picks up the cucumber then walks over to the till, passing the bakery.
Her senses are filled with the sweet smells of sugary donuts and chocolate coated brownies. She eyes them up for a while, deciding which fattening treat to gift herself for working so hard.
Molly then realises she has a much better idea.

Getting back in the car, Molly pulls into the drive thru.
‘This is what I really need’
She relays her order quickly, oozing at the thought of all this tasty food
“One large Big Mac Meal, One large Chicken ledgend, 2 select meals, extra fries and 2 large portions of mozzarella sticks with strawberry milkshakes”
Items kept rolling off her tongue and she didn’t care. The server passed her two huge bags of food, and it was time.
Molly could barely wait to park up.
She ripped the bags apart, a fist full of fries and the other with two Big Macs squashed together. Molly was determined to eat everything, and fast.
15 minutes of mindless stuffing had passed. She began to feel uncomfortably full, her skirt was strained and painful, her shirt buttons ready to burst from her stomach that seemed to have doubled in size. Molly massaged her growing belly as she reached for the final portion of mozzarella sticks. She chugged the last of the milkshake then shovelled the greasy cheese into her mouth two at a time, groaning with euphoria. As sweat dampened her face, it happened. Buttons pinged off her skirt, first one, then another two followed, letting her gut spill out onto her lap. Molly felt only relief, took her bra off and relaxed back into her seat, letting her stomach jiggle as she patted it lovingly for all she’d put it through.

*ring ring, ring ring*

Her phone broke her meditative state.

‘Molly are you on your way home? I’m eager to get dinner served, I don’t want you picking up unhealthy snacks on the way home!’

‘Don’t worry mum, I’m on the way back now - 10 minutes!’ Molly replied.

Molly stuffed the endless bags and wrapped under the seat of her car. He mother never went in there, but there was no way she’d risk her mum finding out about her binges.
Molly put on an oversized jumper to hide her bloated stomach and broken shirt. She waddled up to her house, boobs and belly swaying, legs and bum trapped in fabric that didn’t fit the way it did when she left this morning.

‘How was your day?’ Her mum asked, glancing disapprovingly at Mollys midrif.

‘Great! I really loved it, great kids! What time are you doing dinner, I’m starving!’

‘Itll be ready in 10 minutes. Go and get changed Molly, into something that fits”

Her mum had silently watched Molly balloon from a tiny size 4 teen to an obese young woman in the space of a few years. But Molly could tell with each passing day her mothers comments and stares were becoming more obvious.

Molly didn’t care, she loves food, and with that, sat down to a family meal just short of an hour after a 10,000 calorie stuffing.
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Ruud272001 8 months
Only just finding this. Fantastic work. I know it been a long time but would love to see a second chapter 👍😍
ChrisBsmurfin 4 years
Looking forward to more of Molly smiley
Theswordsman 4 years
This should be interesting