Fattening school ii

chapter 1

What an experience this first feeding session ! I thought to myself. That lad was right, my stomach feels like a balloon, but funnily enough it is not heavy at all, and I don't feel sick at all. I even wonder if I have been feed at all.
And here he was again, with a great smile across his face: "I told you this machine is a excellent fattener and a few more session like this one will have reach very large proportions." I had nothing to answer to that but a kind of silly smile. That's when he added "and I knew a fat girl like you would have great pleasure being fed this way".
"Young man" I told him "you are a bit to familiar for a lad working here, but I must say you are totally right." Not letting me finish he patted my belly and said "just you wait and see how the liquid your stomach is full with, turns in beautiful fresh and creamy fat within a few hours."
"...." Again nothing would come out of my wide opened mouth. How dare he talk like this way, I thought. But I really couldn't say anything, specially since I blushed so deeply.

"Let me put everything away while you recover from this experience and put your uniform back on with the help of a carer" the guy said. While he was tiding and cleaning the tube, the bulb, having them ready for a future session, I could only stay immobile. Not because of my weight, but just stunned with what I heard. The only thing I could do was to feel with booth hands, the softness of my belly and imagining what it will look like when what he had announced will occur, and what I'd look like when my 3 years course in this school will be over.
Having all this in mind just stopped me from being capable of doing anything. Yes my life will be to grow up as a fat beautiful woman, enjoying eating, being fed and hopefully being happily married. If it ever happens I'm sure my husband will love all of my curves and rolls.

That's is when I was brought out of my dreams by Sarah. As the slapped me on the lower part of my bulging belly, she said "I'm sure all this will please Mrs Foster, isn't it 'teacher's pet' ?" Then she walked away leaving me speechless again.

Why is she so nasty and what have I done for her to treat me like this. The only thing that reassured me was thinking I was lucky to have booth my parents love me and support me. Nevertheless Sarah had no right to act that way.
Her behavior brought sadness on my face. And as always at school, only Rebecca could be of any help. She was a real sunshine.
So I decided to go and look for her.

"There you are ! I've been looking for you ! What have you being doing all this time ?" Rebecca asked. "Well I was looking for you, I just came out of the pool, but why where you looking for me so desperately ?" I answered.
"Well you know, we must have been pumped into our stomachs a huge quantity of that liquid. I wanted to see the effect on you."
She put both of her hands on my shoulders, then moved back a few feet and said "turn around !" So I did. "You're so beautiful and pretty, look at you ! You seem to blossom everyday a bit more". It's all I needed to hear. Yes Rebecca is in deed a real sunshine to me.

"I guess we're not hungry, since we just came out of the pool. But it is tea time. Let's go, even if we don't have anything to eat." "Rebecca" I answered "In fact I am hungry, all this experience has in fact enhance my hugger" "Wow for someone who thought she had eaten to much before hand, you sure are going to grow nice lays of fat on your beautiful frame" she smiled.
And we headed to both have drinks and something to eat for tea.

As always in our school, the food was booth extra in terms of quantity and quality. So all we had to do was to indulge and enjoy all these delicacies.
In came Mrs Foster and silence quickly surrounded the room. "Please keep on eating girls" and like an army of good little soldiers, we obeyed our deputy head.

What I didn't anticipate is that she would come towards me. "A little bird told me you had enjoyed a lot the flotation pool." That guy must have told her something, I thought. Not only is he cocky but also a rat. "Yes" I answered. "I told you !" What did she tell me, I couldn't remember. And I guess she could see fear in my eyes because she started laughing and nicely fondle my belly, saying "Don't be afraid of me, I told you, you had some potential. I'm convinced, you'll do very well here and become a nice fat little lady." Then she left.
"For once she has a nice word" whispered Rebecca between her teeth. "What did you say Rebecca ?" "..." "I heard you" said the deputy head. "Why would you think I'm a harsh shrew ? The two of you are thick as thieves. Don't worry, you have some potential too, and I'm going to make sure you also become fat and flaccid; obese, just like your friend Helen. You can be sure this will happen. You are probably the best students we've had here since a long time. I'm here to help you fulfill your potential. You both are top 10 students,
you'll be treated like stars. Have a nice evening."
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Chrysophase2003 8 years
Could do with some editing, but I like where it's going. The loss of self-sufficiency sounds fun.