Fatty, a real pig

chapter 1

Danny awoke to the same thing he did every morning: the sound of his feeding machine pumping him full of a mixture of lard and melted butter. He felt the same way he always felt: hungry and yet full at the same time.
He looked down at his body, if you could even call it that, and smiled. At this point, Danny was so big that the only part of his lower body that wasnt covered by his stomach was his feet. Everything else was covered by an enormous quivering mass of pale flesh that had to weigh at least 300 pounds on its own. His endless body was covered in rolls and stretch marks all the way down his jiggling balloon body. His boobs were so huge that they sagged all the way down the side of his enormous chest. His arms were so fat that he couldn't even lift them. Danny could barely move his fingers. The slightest movement sent his entire body rippling, not stopping for a good while. He loved it.
He was 19 and he was too fat to move. He did nothing but lay in bed and eat, watching tv occasionally, and sleeping. And anytime he was not actually eating, his machine pumped him full of the mixture. Danny had his feeder to thank for all of it.
Danny heard the door to his room open. He tried to look in its direction but his neck and 4 chins got in the way.
"Don't move, fatty. You're wasting fat-filled calories." His feeder walked into view. "Who else would it be?"
Danny stared at his feeder in amazement and wonder. Finn was still as amazing as the time Danny first saw him. He was one of the most muscular and beautiful people that Danny had ever met. Blond hair and startling blue eyes were his most defining features, but he also had a strong jawline and perfect teeth. Finn also liked to be naked, especially when feeding and talking to Danny, and this time was no different.
"Well fatty, looks like you've still been eating," Finn said. He clicked a small button out of the pig's view. Danny saw numbers flash across a small monitor on the ceiling above his bed: 1047. "Holy shit, piggy! That's 23 more pounds than 4 days ago!" Danny tried to smile, but wasnt sure if he pulled it off.
"I think piggy deserves a reward for his hard work! Oink if you want it!" Danny grunted and oinked as best as he could, hoping that Finn would reward him greatly this time.
" Well fatty, I have a special reward for you!" He reached down and Danny heard him unzipping a bag he didn't see before. Finn pulled out something and held it up to Danny. "This is it!" At first Danny didn't understand what it was. Then Finn hit a button on the side and it began to vibrate. Danny grew excited as he understood what it was.
Finn began to lift up his enormous belly, struggling even with how in-shape and muscular he was. He finally managed to get it far up under Danny's giant jiggling stomach, where his piece used to see the light of day. He flipped the toy on and Danny felt things he hadn't felt in years.
"Fatty, that's not all of it." Finn then climbed on top of Danny's enormous stomach, his dick already rock-hard. He put it inside of Danny's cavernous belly button and started thrusting. The combination of the vibrator beneath him and Finn in his belly button made Danny start shaking. Jiggling all over, he started grunting and squealing as Finn started going faster and faster.
His entire body rippling from Finn and the toy, Danny oinked and squealed even more. Suddenly, without warning, Finn released inside of Danny's belly button. The feeling sent Danny over the edge as well. As Danny released his entire body rippled even more, but his stomach the most. As Danny began to settle, Finn reached under his colossal stomach and grabbed the toy, pulling it out.
"I hope you enjoyed that, fatty" he said as he walked toward the door, "because that's the last you'll get for a while." He opened the door and paused, listening to Danny STILL eating from the tube, like he was the entire time.
"You know what you are?"
Danny oinked in response.
"Exactly. You're Fatty, a real fucking pig."
The door slammed behind him.
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