Fitness trainer zoe

chapter 1

My name is Zoe, I'm a very cute blonde, with blue eyes. Short at 5'3, but only 109 pounds after a big meal, I am naturally fit. I work at a local gym as a fitness trainer, usually hired for one on one weight loss. Most the girls who come to me don't need to lose that much, but my new client is different. April, she's so beautiful even at her size. Porcelain skin, raven black hair, brown eyes. She's a few inches taller than me at 5'8 and almost 3 times my weight at 312 pounds. We met once already when we went over her goals and some dieting tips. Today will be her first work out session, so I'm going to try and not push her too hard.
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As I entered the gym, I eyed up Zoe, "This twig has never had to struggle with weight, how is she going to help me" Going over to Zoe I was unsure of this workout, I hate being sweaty, but I'd like to lose a few pounds so I ignore my excuses. "Hello April!" Zoe said, all bubbly already, I wish I could be as excited about a workout as her. Zoe showed me a few cardio techniques and set me up on an elliptical, which isn't too bad I guess, she said we'll aim to lose 5 pounds a week. After a hard workout I'm all out of breathe just like I figured, Zoe congratulated me on sticking through it and added that if I stick to my diet she set for me, I'll be shedding weight in no time.

A whole week has gone by, I know I've been sticking to my workouts, but food has been another issue. I just crave certain things, grease for one, and going without is just so hard. I'm nervous about my weigh in this morning, and being nervous makes me eat too, I grabbed donuts on my way in to the gym, ugh wrong choice. There's Zoe, waiting by the scale. I step on and see the needle stop at 310! Whoo I lost 2 pounds go me! But Zoe isn't as thrilled, "April, you've been cheating on your diet haven't you?" I tell her it's hard, she interrupts, "It's going to be hard, but if you really want to lose weight you have to stick to it" That's when I lost it, it's been a week of her telling me how easy it is to lose weight, she doesn't know, so I told her that. Her skinny ass has no clue what it's like being fat, it's not so easy to lose like she thinks it is. Zoe just sat there looking at me in thought, then after a moment of awkward silence she says, "You're right." I was shocked, then she added, "Maybe I should see what it's like" I asked her how she would, "Well, I'm going to need your help, I am going to need to eat more, but also eat like you do. What are bad habits you have that help in keeping you from losing. Whats a normal day for a fat girl like. If I do this I should be able to beat my metabolism and gain, then once I'm large I'll diet myself and get back down to this size. It'll help me gain newer clients too!" I looked at her like she was crazy, why would someone as thin as her risk losing it, but at the same time I thought back to all the girls who teased me, she kinda deserves to gain, to see what its like being unable to lose, trying hard but failing. So I told her I would help.
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Fluffylove 4 years
Really good start,please add more. You could also use more descriptions on her growing body. And her getting out of breath and exhausted from basic activities. Talk about her trying to go without eating,but her body will no longer let her deny herself eve
Champ 4 years
Love it! Add more?
Wheresmyfeet 4 years
Love the story!