chapter 1

His view is my tight ass at the stove cooking up his favorite meal for friends. Bouillabaisse simmering, fresh French bread cooling, and the masterpiece of chocolate caked topped with caramel. Then to feel the slight push into my back his sizable gut along with his sizable erection. Turning to my Roman God giving him a kiss. He was perfection for me at 6'2 and now 400. To say he was a big guy was an understatement he was a King among me. His face not taking the blunt of his fondness of food, more importantly the food I made for him. It started when he was a measly 190 pounds and two years later he was more handsome and vivacious as ever.
"Where is my sample," he asked whispering in my ear and reaching to my front knowing that he was starting a sexual game that would not end until both collapse in a heap of sweat and orgasms. "It is the other room, you greedy man," I reply biting my lower lip slightly which drives him wild. I start to shut things down because I will be damned if the food burns while I enjoy my King. 400 pounds of man hustle fast to his plate. I could the clinking of the fork to the plate. Walking in to see his lovely massive frame sitting and stuffing his face. His thick legs spread apart to let the spherical belly off his relax in what use to be his lap as it acts as a table for him bringing that plate closer to his lips. No matter how big he gets he keeps that beard nicely trimmed it hides the full fledge double chin that he has now. Entering the room I bring the ice cream and start to undress as I enter the room. He looks up from his plate and that smirk comes across his face. He hurries and finishes the last remnants of the plate (platter for others) then placing it to the side. He beckons me. "Be a good girl for your King," he says as I lay back and he places three generous helpings of Caramel praline ice cream on my chest and stomach.
My body tenses up as his tongue touches my skin and hearing his moaning from the eating as well as enjoying his Queen. After he finishes his desserts I mount my King rubbing his tight belly as I slowly ride him. My hands exploring his growing figure. Riding him until we both have a mind blowing orgasm. I collapse next to him. My King turns to me. "You think I can have a few more samples before this dinner party," he asks as he rubs his belly.
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GrowingLoveH... 2 years
I often think of your stories. Thank you for posting them here.
GrowingLoveH... 3 years
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
The interplay of food and sex -- what a delicious combo!
Rougeblanc 8 years
I'm glad you like.
Built4com4t 8 years
Yum :-)