Gainer boyfriend

chapter 1

I have been with my current boyfriend for about two months now. He was a little chubby when we started dating (which I of course didn't mind) but he's still kind of athletic because he played sports in school. He has kind of a "fat ex jock in denial" thing going on.
At first he would never eat around me, and when he did eat he wouldn't eat much. As time went on, he began to get more and more comfortable with me, and he began to pig out. I have been encouraging him to eat as much as he would like, but he has no idea that as he eats I'm soaking through my panties. Today, he ate a decent bowl of chicken alfredo, and then ate a chocolate cupcake. After he finished the cupcake, he asked me for permission to eat another, and when I told him yes, his eyes lit up. I could barely contain myself as I watched him flick his tongue across the icing, knowing that every calorie was adding itself to his waistline. His belly is so hairy and chubby, and I've started putting my hands on it as much as I can. He doesn't mind. His hips and waist are small, but his love-handles and belly pooch are bigger because he has a beer belly. When he gets an erection, it drives me wild to see his cock straining at his boxers as his belly hangs over it. He's open to being dominated, and I'm slowly bringing up the idea of me restraining him and feeding him. I love to think of him with his wrists tied to the bedposts, with me sitting on his lap as he's looking up at me from over his hairy double chin. He went out of town a few weeks ago, and he ate was a large burrito at a new restaurant while he was there. After he ate it, he sent me multiple text messages describing how stuffed his stomach was, and how good it felt. He recently discovered that he likes for me to suck his nipples, and sometimes I catch myself thinking about fattening him up and biting on his engorged nipples. When we have sex, I can feel him get winded and tired, and it makes him push harder to nut because he doesn't have enough stamina. I have never been so attracted to a man before. I honestly think he would possibly be open to gaining, but I have not yet brought it up to him.
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Fatchance 4 years
Wow! just Wow!
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Wonderful story! Your nipple comment reminds me that I was never sensitive there until my girlfriend fattened me up.