chapter 1

I remember sitting on the bench at the park watching the kids play, my mom had gone off to have a chat with her old friend and I sat there watching the other kiss run around, swing, slide and play. I could've joined them, I could've gotten up and played with them, but I just felt like watching for the time being. Then a girl who looked about my age came up to me, she was a cute little girl with light brown hair and pretty deep green eyes and many freckles all over her face and she had a gap in her two front teeth and her hair was old pigtails tied with pretty blue ribbon that matched her outfit which was a baby blue and a darker blue. "Would you like to come play with me?" she asked, "I thought for a moment and jumped down from the bench, my plump figure jiggling a bit, more so especially my belly, I was quite the chubby little boy, "Okay." I told her.

We went over to the swings and I pushed her hard as I could and we took turns pushing each other, I was a bit harder to push though, one of her friends had to help push me, then another, then we all took turns on the swings. We slid down the slide and played in the jungle gym, ran across the bridge, I had to take a few break though but I was a big bundle of energy like a lot of kids are. We played hide and seek and hop scotch with some other kids, I was full of smiles and so was she. "Why are so you fluffy?" asked one of her friends, "I like to eat tasty food, don't you?" I said, "You eat more of it than I do!" said another, "I can just hold more than you can, and I like being fluffy." I told them, "My mommy said not to play with fat kids, are you mean or something?" asked another kid, "I'm not that's all I know." I told them. I don't know how later it was but me and the girl had become the only ones playing together while the others I assumed had gone home and we played sat on the bench together as I shared my snack with her. I had eaten 2 ham and cheese sandwiches and 3 twinkies and was drinking a Coke while she had a bag of chips and sandwich cut in half and a bottle of water and we sat talking about the randomest stuff, funny conversations only little kids could have before my mom had called me to her and I left reluctantly.

I saw her more after that, I found out she went to my kindergarten school and was in my class, the same kids that I had played with at the park except for one other than her had seemed to sudden turn on me and they would never tell me why, I was called all kinds of names and bullied by them along with the kids who usually did it, but she and her friends always stood by me and they accepted me. I went to school with both of them all the way up until the 4th grade when they had moved away and I was alone again.

I went on with my life a bit after that, to middle school, then highschool, I had lost weight and was one of the most popular boys in school, had quite a few girlfriends, all that normal stuff you hear all the time but I still sometimes missed those friends I had way back when, one wouldn't expect to really see them again after all that time, but things happen when you least expect them to I guess.
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FrecherTyp 5 years
oh thanks for that very lovely and sweet story
AshBear 5 years
Getting really good!
Built4com4t 5 years
Nice backstory...good start!