Good at what he does

chapter 1

He’s very good at what he does.

Which is pushing his pigs to their absolute limits, regardless of if they’re willing or not. He generally doesn’t care what trash he forces into their stomachs, all he really cares about is the scale going up. Sometimes, he likes taking an already fat pig and seeing how long they can go. His record is 11 months with a cute but shy BBW who started at 320 pounds.

Seeing her begging him to turn off the vibrator so her heart wouldn’t explode sure did drive viewership up, apparently people liked seeing an 833 pound blob try not to cum.

Most days went the same. Head down to the expansive basement, the air thick with moisture and room pitch black, and turn on the extremely bright LED lights to see if any of the pigs needed his assistance. Most were between 600-900 pounds, depending on how long they’d been there and what their lifestyle was before. The chubby or downright fat ones were easy to layer with lard, they’d been doing it their whole life, he just sped up the process. Some of them had been tan before, but not being exposed to sunlight in years made them pale as ghosts. Their vision wasn’t the best anymore either, not seeing anything but darkness for days at a time slowly ruined their vision. It was always a nice surprise when one or two of them saw their expanded body after a few weeks, shock and crying soon following. Eventually, they got used to it, resigning themselves to their fate. It’s not like they’d be able to do anything even if they were free and skinnier, most of their muscles had atrophied so much that they’d be useless for a skinny person to use. Nothing to do but continue sucking down the nutrient rich slop which was being forced into them for almost 20 hours a day.

Imagine all the things your doctor tells you not to eat large amounts of. Now mix all of that together with pure lard, heavy cream, butter, ice cream, and then blend it all into a thick slop that can easily be forced into a helpless pigs stomach.

The effects are almost fast enough to see. In under two years, he turned a 5’3, 95 pound woman into a 1,043 pound, barely alive thing that you couldn’t even call a woman anymore. Oxygen was being pumped into her lungs daily, she had an EKG constantly assessing her vitals to see when her next heart attack would be, and numerous drugs being pumped into her to keep her going.
To keep the other pigs aware of their future, the man had almost a dozen others like him come down the basement one day and film the half a ton blob being fucked to death. Sticking a 2 foot long vibrator through her numerous rolls into her vagina and turning it on while surrounded by 10 naked men gave her a good idea of what was next: a vicious gang bang. The other pigs could only watch in horror as her rolls became filled with cum and her flab get red from the violent spanking. As she neared her inevitable orgasm, the main feeder crawled on top of her and stuck his penis in her mouth, fucking her face as she began to flatline. As load after load of cum hit the back of her throat, her heart simply gave up. This once skinny girl had been turned into a half a ton cum dumpster, and the other pigs knew it would eventually happen to them.
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Karenjenk 4 years
wowsers.... this was dark... but a really good short read
Jess41 4 years
Nesthicc 4 years
Super dark but I love it