chapter 1

It was the night after my graduation and my mom felt the need to throw a party for it. A party for me, I’m not a party person and my mom was famous for throwing them for my dad and I. Sure I enjoyed them when I was a kid but the wonder wore off when I was about 13 or 14. Thats when I realized that my mom wasn’t a mother, she was a smother especially since dad died. Thats why this whole party was happening really not for me but for her and her friends. To show me off to her friends, I feel like a piece of meat. I drove 2,000 miles just to be shown off and presented like some farmers prized pig, except I feel like the pig would have a better time than I’m having. I especially felt like a pig because of the freshman 15… fine 25, it was all the $1 frozen pizzas and instant noodles.

I mean who the fuck sits in their room at their own party, I was lucky enough to escape from a majority of the hugging and the cheek grabbing. I was also able to grab a piece of cake, even thought it’s probably the last thing I need. I was alone watching the x-files wallowing in my own sadness, wishing the part was already over. When my moms best friend, Mrs. Leavy bursted through my door smoking a cigarette. “Oh hello Bartholomew, I was looking for the bathroom.” I got up from my bed and threw the empty plate in my bedside trash can. “Oh please call me Barry Mrs. Leavy.” She stepped closer towards me, “Well then you can call me Abigail. Do you happen to have an ash tray?” I offered her the bedside trash can, “sorry this is all I’ve got.” She tossed her finished cigarette in my trash can.

“Thank you Barth- I mean Barry.” “No problem Mrs. Lea- Abigail. The bathrooms on the left right out side my door.” She walked to the door but stoped when she got to the frame and looked at me. “You know Barry it’s a good thing that I found you, I have a favor to ask you.”
I paused the show “What is it Abigail?” She stepped back towards me, “ My husband took off for a dinner meeting earlier and I need a ride home.” I took the keys out of my pocket and tossed it to her. “Here you can just drive my car, I’ll get it back in the morning.” She took a look at my keys then threw them in my trash can. “I’ll be waiting in the car Bartholomew, please don’t keep me waiting.”
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