Grandmas gift

chapter 1

I was standing at the exit of the gate at the airport waiting for my grandmother to pick me up. My parents decided to take a three year archeology trip to Egypt, leaving me to stay with my grandmother. I had only met her three times in my life, all when I was very little. Then I saw her, a medium height brunette, with a perfect jawline. My grandmother was only in her late forties. She had my mom when she was still a teenager, and same goes for my mom with me. I walked up to her. “Hi Tyler!” she said with a caring but loud voice. “Hi grandma.” I said back. “How was your flight?” she asked. “Ok, I guess.” I responded back. “That’s good to hear. Why don’t we get back to my place so you can unpack.” So we got in her car and drove to her house. As we pulled into the driveway, I immediately noticed her house wasn’t very big. As we walked inside she showed me to my room. “Here’s where you’ll stay. Why don’t you unpack and I’ll fix you up a light breakfast?” “Sure.” I said. As I unpacked, all I could think about was how boring this place would be. I was homeschooled and finished high school at 18. It had been a month since I graduated and I still had no idea what I wanted do with my life. “But hey,” I thought “maybe a stay with grandma will help me figure that out.” “Breakfast is ready!” She yelled across the hall. When I entered the kitchen, I immediately noticed two things. One the kitchen was very small, and two, her “Light Breakfast” looked like enough food to feed five men. But I didn’t want to be rude so I sat down in the comfy armchair she had instead of a kitchen table, and she brought over a table fit for the chair and immediately started piling food on. I didn’t think I could eat all of it but I was hungry so I decided to eat what I could. I started with the plate of ten pancakes which were the best I’d ever had, then ate the massive bowl of scrambled eggs, finishing with a plate full of bacon. “I’m full.” I moaned. I looked down to find that my belly was starting out of my shirt and that my pants were noticeably tight. “Impossible.” She said. “You’ve barely eaten a thing.” She poked at my swelling tummy pushing her finger into it about an inch. “Nonsense, you’re not even close to full! No grandchild of mine is going to go hungry. You’re quite a skinny boy. While you’re with me we’re going to put some meat on those bones.” And with that picked up a fork and started feeding me a cinnamon roll. Then another, and another, then she started me on a fourth. “Please. No. I’m too full!” I groaned as she was finishing me off. “Nonsense. Now open up.” And then she put in the last bite of the fourth cinnamon roll. And when the the final bite reached my belly *POP*. The button on my pants flew off of me and hit a nearby wall. “That’s a good boy. We’re going to put some weight on you.” She then began to rub my plump belly.
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Built4com4t 4 years
Interesting. Nice to learn grandma’s motivation
Jens01 4 years
very good more please