Hayley’s belly

chapter 1

To the unsuspecting passer by, Hayley is a pretty 20 year old girl with big blue eyes and lightly curled brown hair, her face is a natural oval and her smile has a comforting air.
Her body is slim. She's not bony or toned but her tummy is flat and her arms and legs are skinny. She wears 25in waisted jeans and a size 6 crop top that shows off her slim middle.

If you asked her friends, they'd say Hayley is laid back and easy going.
As she stolls along the pavement in the city centre, another thing is clear, she is blessed with vulutuous breasts for a gir or her build. Wearing a 34D bra, Hayley was lucky to have hadn't an unexpected growth spurt at 17 leaving the boys at her school to promptly move her from the category of relaxed pretty quiet girl to the category of girlfriend material.

Hayley turns the corner onto her street, swinging her full supermarket carrier bag on her middle finger. University was rather taxing today, so she had stopped by the supermarket for some treats. Who knows, maybe she could indulge in one of her favourite past times too.

She reached her door and fiddled in her pocket for the key. For someone who was usually so relaxed, Hayley starts to look a little more tense.

Upon finally opening the door, she walks into the kitchen and greets her flat mates, they chat for a minute or two before Hayley reveals she's got an assignment to finish. She takes her bags full of goodies into her room and closes to door. The sound of the lock closing clicks.

Inside her room, Hayley throws her bags down on the floor and kicks her shoes off. She lowers her blinds and takes off her jeans and crop top. In the mirror opposite her, she takes in her long, slim body. Her hips stick out like objects under a duvet, her stomach looks flat with just a thin layer of fat preventing her from having visable abs.
She looks at her bra. It looks like this one is getting small now, when will they stop growing?

After taking all this in, she turns to the food, 2 packets of cookies, a tub of Ben and Jerry's, a 1l strawberry milkshake and a large red velvet cake.

She takes one last look at herself in the mirror before grabbing her MacBook and starting her assignment.

It takes around 5 mins for Hayley to start on the cookies and milkshake. She's gulps and chomps with the gusto of a girl 3 times her size. Crumbs and pink milk cover her lips as she types, eats and drinks her way through 500 words, 1L of milkshake and 30 cookies.

Still hungry, Hayley dips into the carrier bag and pulls out the tub of Ben and Jerry's. She has a study break and watches 3 episodes of friends. This is enough for her to see off 3/4 of the tub. She starts to feel a little full after this and her thirst for non dairy liquid is becoming intolerable.

She gets up from her bed and looks in the mirror before she puts on clothes to go to the kitchen. He flat stomach has become a lightly rounded belly. Her stomach sloshes as she turns to admire it. She pulls the jeans she wore to uni up her legs to her waist. Her bulging pelvic area is now a little more rotund than when she entered the room and she can't quite get the button to fasten on them, so she pulls them off and puts on some jogging pants. The waistband stretches around her belly as she pulls them up to her once toned middle.

She opts for a baggy jumper so her flat mates don't see her stomach and goes down to the kitchen.

In the kitchen 2 of her flat mates are cooking dinner and another has brought KFC home. He asks Hayley if she wants his chips as he's full. She accepts them without even thinking of the stuffed stomach hiding under her jumper. She eats them anyway and feels her belly tighten. Her flat mates don't seem to have noticed the bulge under her clothes, so all is well.

However, the salt from the fries have made a Hayley absolutely parched.
She makes her way over to the sink and pours a pint of water for herself. Lifting the drink up to her mouth she gulps down the cold liquid into her sloshing belly. Her flat mates watch as she finishes the pint of water in just seconds.

One of her flat mates asks where she puts it all. Hayley shrugs and pats her belly, forgetting how much further out it now sticks.

"Jesus Hayley! What have you been eating?", asks her flatmate Julia from the dinner table.

"That's a hell of a food baby", her flatmate Micheal chuckles whilst cooking his vegetable curry.

Her flat mate Toby is still too busy eating his KFC to notice.

She blushes and explains that she was super hungry when she got home so ate a lot whilst studying.

"That's crazy!", exclaims Micheal, putting his hand on her round belly.

"That's nothing", Hayley replied, you should see how big I get when I really try!

"Oh yeah", Toby Pipes up after realising what was going on, "I've got a challenge for you then..."
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Karenjenk 1 year
How did this get forgotten.
please come back and write more.
love it
Claude123 1 year
Glad you liked it! I’m aiming to add more soon. What kind of thing would you like to see happen to Hayley?
Rubarbstreet 1 year
Nice story here, would love to read more.
Claude123 1 year
I’m happy you liked it! What kind of thing would you like to happen to Hayley next?
Karenjenk 3 years
why did this ever stop???
its fun and light
Lovinitbig 5 years
Keep the fun going!