Her growing love affair.......with food!!

chapter 1

Maisie Methot was a skinny girl, had been all her life. There were a lot of reasons for this. First and foremost, her mother was a terrible cook. Try as she might she couldn't follow a recipe if her life depended on it and her idea of exotic seasoning was salt and pepper. So most of her meals were either undercooked or overcooked and without doubt they were ALL incredibly BLAND!

Now Maisie was a thoughtful child, so she never refused to eat any of her mother's offerings, she just never ate very much of them. She'd nibble here and she'd nibble there, finishing maybe half a plate of food. Needless to say, for almost all of her life Maisie left the table hungry so that by the time she was in her 20's she had gotten used to that gnawing hunger deep down in the pit of her belly.

Feeling hungry all the time was the bad side of having a terrible cook for a mother. The good side was that over the years Maisie had grown fashionably thin. She stood five feet two inches tall and barely weighed ninety pounds. Her boobs barely filled out an A cup bra and most of the time she could buy her clothes in the girl's department.

Now being thin in a world that worshipped the slender figure was not exactly a bad thing, so you would have thought that Maisie would be ecstatic about her sylphlike figure. Well, you wouldn't have been exactly wrong but you wouldn't have been exactly right either. Maisie never gave much thought to her appearance. She never followed the latest fashions, she barely wore any make up, she always wore a pixie-cut hairdo because it was easier to take care of. In short, she was as indifferent to her appearance as she was to food. So while you wouldn't exactly call her depressed, Maisie was hardly the picture of self-satisfaction.

As a result, Maisie sort of floated through life, never reaching any highs and hardly ever sinking down to the depths of despair. Her life was about as bland as her mother's cooking. She was an indifferent student, getting B's and C's and satisfied to get them. She went to college and got her degree in library science, not so much because she had a passion for books but because she was relatively sure she could get a job as a librarian when she graduated. Unfortunately for Maisie, way too many college students followed the same line of reasoning. So when Maisie entered the job market, she found the competition fierce. As a result, in order to pay off her student loans, Maisie found herself taking a job as a waitress. Just her luck, the girl who wasn't interested in food was going to be surrounded by it ten to twelve hours a day!
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