How i got to 300 pounds!

Chapter 1 - guess who's back, back again.

Where to begin...

I am happy to be back in the feeder community! Over a year ago I came on here and began to tell my journey of myself and my love for food. At that point in time I was roughly 260 lbs, wanting to gain more. I had just recently discovered feederism, and I was extremely interested in the subject matter. If you read my previous stories, you will get a better understanding of just how much I love food lol. I just can't get enough of it! Never have, never will!

But in December of 2016, I met a guy. His name is Scott. Scott knew I was a big girl, and also knew that I was into feederism, but he wasn't interested in the matter himself. I even tried to get him to call me fat at first, but he refused. Even though there was no hiding it, I was a fat pig haha. I met him online, on a website that wasn't related to weight gain or anything like that. I warned him that I was on the larger side, and of all my stretch marks and normal things I would typically get concerned over when meeting a new guy who doesn't necessarily have a fetish for big girls. And although he wasn't into the whole feederism concept, he still always said he loved me and my size. I didn't feel nervous about my body around him, and for some reason it felt really good to have someone who knew I liked being fat, but who didn't necessarily have a fetish for fat girls and was fine with it. As much as I love talking to guys who are strictly attracted to fat girls, it is nice feeling like there's just something about you that attracts someone so much that they just do not care about your size.

Unfortunately this wonderful feeling of acceptance around Scott didn't last throughout our whole relationship, which just ended recently. And is also partially a reason why we are no longer together. I will explain all of that in another one of my chapters though!

Over the past two years that I was with Scott, I went from 260 to 302 pounds! My greatest success yet. And now that he's gone, I am eager to get myself back into the feeder community again!

Hope you all enjoy my new stories! :)
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Exmademefat 3 years
Love the journey, I know I would enjoy that lifestyle, let me know if you want a partner on the other side of the couch to get fat with.
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Honest and heartfelt story. I wish you the best in your journey — now matter where it leads you.
Littlejohnboy 4 years
Great story. Thanks for sharing. An update would be awesome.