Inflative punishment

chapter 1

"All right, now you're going to talk about how you got that bike pump there." Said the mysterious figure to the defenseless women tied to a chair inside an empty warehouse on the outskirts of Los Angeles. "Please, let me out! I beg you please! I need to go back home!" The woman whose name was Olivia pleaded for mercy to her kidnapper and tears started to roll down her cheeks.

The man not believing any of what Olivia had just said, he told her, "I don't fucking care if you need to get home, all you need to know now is that you stole this from my shop, and you're going to tell me how you did it you fucking criminal!" Olivia was terrified and crying for mercy since she was scared of what he might do to her.

"You're not going to talk?!......Well then, if you won't use that mouth of yours to talk, then I will use it for another thing." The man was now pissed off at Olivia and he started to lumber towards where the bike pump was at. Olivia's teeth were chattering as she saw the man inspect the bike pump for a good 10 minutes, he examined the bike pump yet again seeing its long cord where the air passed through and the company that had created said bike pump.

"Ooooh the foolish woman who believed that her smooth hands would get a hold of this bike pump, little did she know that her night would be one of growth and complete satisfaction for me." The man said this in front of Olivia who remained there confused and scared, she later asked the man, "what are you talking about?!" The man whose face now had a smile replied, "tonight, you're going to grow to levels you've never imagined before, tonight is your big night, so be happy that I'm doing this for you."

Olivia started attempting to escape by loosening her hands from the knot the man made to tie her to the chair. The man on the other hand he was preparing the large mechanical pump he had inside that warehouse, he dusted off the long tube and turned on the machine. It made a loud VROOM! As the machine came back to life to pump air yet again, Olivia looked horrified as now she knew what her punishment would be, she would be inflated like a balloon.....

"No please no! Somebody help me please!" Olivia screamed for help as the man lumbered towards her with the long tube on one of his hands. "Its no use, we are in Pinon Hills, there's almost nobody around here." Olivia could not imagine what was gonna happen to her body, was she going to pop like a bubble? Or she would inflate like a balloon? Whatever was the case she couldn't escape now since the man was now in front of her staring down at her belly.

Olivia cowardly looked down to the floor and in one swoop, the man grabbed her chin, raised it up and introduced the tube into her mouth. Olivia freaked out for now she would feel what it feels like to be those cartoon characters who get inflated to the point they're beach balls.

The man whose face was filled with delight and joy for his fantasy was about to be fulfilled. Olivia's esophagus started taking in huge loads of air and soon her belly started to bloat. Her skinny jeans started to be strained as Olivia started complaining of the cramps she was now getting all over her body. Her skinny jeans' button couldn't hold on any longer and they popped POP! thus delivering ease to Olivia's ever-growing belly which needed as much space as possible.

The man watched from an observation deck he had built years ago, he was filled with satisfaction while Olivia was filled with air. Olivia's torso ripped asunder her jeans and shirt, a loud SHRRRP! Could be heard once Olivia was free of clothes restricting the amount of space her belly needed. Her breasts and thighs started to plump with air, as her breasts went from D-cup size to large mounds that protruded from her chest. Her thighs inflated and kept on inflating until her colossal weight made the wooden chair break down like breaking matchsticks with your hand.

It was at this moment where instead of being able to stand up, Olivia's belly had bloated so much that it made Olivia lay on top of her belly and she couldn't move her legs to touch the floor. The man watching from a far rejoiced with pleasure and happinesss for his human balloon was complete. He ran down from the deck to observe Olivia more closely, he noticed all of the stretchmarks her skin contained on the surface. Olivia still conscious tried to say something to the man but her words were muffled by the tube she had in her mouth.

The man now happy, decided to give one long hug to Olivia's belly which was still inflating, he had reached full satisfaction and so now it was time to end this. He walked to the machine to unplug it, but before he could do that he said to Olivia, "oh crap, I almost forgot the chemical I needed to give you." The man pulled from inside his pocket a small transparent bag containing a clear liquid, it looked like water but it wasn't, it was Melatonin.

The man made all of the contents inside the bag go inside the machine, and he said his last words to Olivia, "if you start to feel sleepy then don't worry, this chemical will make you go to sleep." Olivia eyes suddenly started to close as her mind started to drift away to sleep. At that moment the man decided to leave Olivia in the warehouse and turn off the machine. The man left the warehouse for good.

Next morning

The next day Olivia woke up laying on top of the floor, naked, skinny, and covered with red stretchmarks all over her body. She couldn't remember what had happened last night, did she get too drunk? Did somebody kidnap her? These were thoughts that bombarded Olivia's brain. She saw next to her, her ripped clothes and a broken wooden chair. "What the hell happened here?" Olivia asked to herself as she stood up and decided to try and get back home without nobody seeing her naked.

The only person to know of what occured that night was the man, the owner of a small shop in a small town and who had plenty of other people he had inflated, stuffed or even.....transformed into fat animals.
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