Ive never felt this fat before

chapter 1

Lying on my back, my eyes open slowly. I wince from the bright light but manage to shut off my alarm. Suddenly I open my eyes wide! Im late!
I try and speed up my actions but all of a sudden Im having trouble lifting myself out of bed.
Ive never been skinny before, at 5'9 ive always been around 160 pounds of a fat and muscle combinations. Im no stranger to bloat but the stuff Im feeling covering my torso is out of this world. My stomach is no longer one solid beach ball! It sprung out and to the sides like never before! In fact, my stomach divides, with part of it hanging and the other sticking straight out. Giving up on trying to sit up, I rub my stuffed belly. My stomach hurts from last night. Ever since I moved out of my moms house, i've been eating whatever I want whenever I want it. Which means I've ordered pizza the last two weeks for dinner and when I go to the grocery store I only get chips, waffles, and candy. I love bread and without my mom restcting what ive been eating Ive completely gone on a binge. Ive just been stuffing whatever fits into my mouth and i never seem to be satisfied. In fact im always feeling horny nowadays because my huge stomachhas started to hang so long its added pressure. Speaking of, I longer my hand below my fold and lift the fat up. I must be at least 200 pounds now. If not more. Im so ready to masturabte but all i can think of is eating more food. That turns me on even more. I thrust my hips forward trying to shift the pressure of my full stomach off my clit. It doesnt work. Sighing, I resign myself to getting up because I know im starving. I roll to my side and manage to push myself up and out of bed. Chacking the clock beside me I realize im going to be late for work. I text my coworker saying im sick and cant make it in today. I cant go to work becuase I would never have time to eat if I did. I lumber over to my closet and look for clothes to wear. All my clothes are in a size 8 so they should fit with a tight squeeze. I pull on a bra only to realize my boobs barely fit in them. Oh well. I find a v neck t shirt thats always been loose on me and a pair of black skinny jeans. I begin to pull the jeans on only to realize the cottage cheese that are my legs refuse to pull through. The zipper digs into my thighs as I pull and strain againts the material. I even lie back on the bead trying to get them up. I feel a rip and realize the beltloops I had been using to try and get them up had ripped. All of a sudden I felt like crying. I was sweaty and hot and now my pants couldnt go up! I feel so humiliated. I look for another pair of pants and find a pair of leggings. They too are a tight fit and the elastic waistband digs into my skin (even under my fat fold). Because my hang didnt fit in the elastic, the bottom of my stomach sticks out with i put on my shirt. The stretch marks are very visible and when I walk a large portion of my fat hangs and swings from side to side. I desperately try to pull it down to cover my stomach. If i suck in it stays covered. All of a sudden a stomach pain hits me! Gosh I am so hungry! Especially after the workout that is putting on clothes. Good thing i live right next door to a mcdonalds. I walk to the elevator only to realize it isnt working. Thankfully i only live on the second floor but still its gonna be a hard climb back up. Wobbling, and holding tightly to the rail, I go downstairs. There is a family of four heading up and they all stare as they try and squeeze by. I smile apologetically but continue on my way down. Huffing as I reach the landing, my legs start to ache. I walk down the street and as I feel stares I realize I forgot to suck in! Not only are my tits pretty much popping out of my v neck, the bottom of my stomach is obscely visible. I look terrible and I feel like crying again! Ive gotten so fat and I look terrible! I have no self control! '
I hurry inside the mcdonalds and head up to the cashier. Choking back my tears I order three quarter pounders with chesse, three large fries, a large coke, a smoothie and the twenty piece chicken nuggets. I pay and sit down, waiting for my order number to be called. Once it is I open all my food up and start in on the burger. Im already through one when I come up for air. I ate it so fast Im practically parched. I gulp down the coke, spilling a little on my shirt in my haste. I absently stuff fries in my face as I look around me. Ive attracted a bunch of stares. Immediately I look back down, trying to look engrossed in my food. I pick up my second burger and it it in about 90 seconds. By this time ive finished the coke and 2 of the fires. Opening up a package of bbq sauce, I start dipping my nuggets in and eating them. My stomach is starting to feel less hungry but nowhere near full. I finish off the nuggets and lick my fingers, tasting the salt on them. I finish off my fies and smoothie feeling a bit more satisfied than when I came in. It takes me three times but I finally stand up and throw out my trash. It doesnt matter how much sucking in I do, my stomach is not staying covered by my shirt. Finally I just let my shirt ride up and contendedly rub it. Not feeling nearly full enough, I stop by a pizza hut on my way back to my apartment. I order two large extra meatlovers pizzas and an oder of cheeseticks on the side. I also order a liter of coke. I wait ten minutes for my order, in which time my stomch has begun growling again, and walk over to my apartment building. Thankfully in the half hour I was out my elevator had been fixed and I step inside the air conditioning, glad to cool down after sweating heavily throughout my trek for food. I open the door to my house and settle down on my couch. I turn on the tv and open my legs wide, letting my stomach hang between my legs. To my delight and horror, I realize the bottom on my humongeous stomach reaches the couch and rests comfortably. At least I dont have to support the weight anymore! I open the pizza box and dig in. Ive finished a 8 slices before I start to feel full. But im not stuffed yet and my brain is telling me i can eat more. Ive finished the box plus the cheesesticks before my stomach really starts to protest. But the box beside me looks so good I can hardly resist. Before starting in I open the liter of coke and start to chug in down. Ive finished half the bottle in one gulp and I feel the urge to burp. I give out a few satisfying burps before I start in on the rest of it. I finish the coke and take a slice. My stomach is seriously starting to hurt so while one hand is preoccupied stuffing more food in my mouth, the other is grabbing lotion to spread out on my aching stomach. I finish half the box of pizza and start to rub my stomach with both hands. My stomach is sticking out so far! It amazes me that not only does my stomach stick out so far I cant see my toes, but also spread so wide. I take up two seats and my office chair was specially ordered to hold my girth. And unlike most overweight people, my stomach was firm. Yeah it moves and joggles but it sticks out and I keep it so full all the stick that you cant even push it in. My shirt is struggling to even stay on and has steadily risen up my stomach while I have been eating. I continue to rub my full fat stomach and lay my head back. I can only imagine what a whale I look like. Looking like an overfilled balloon. A piggy. All of a sudden I feel thirsty. I have beer in my fridge but it seems so far. I rock forward to stand up and sway a couple times, unprepared for my weight. As i swig down a couple beers I burp and look around for my scale. First i look on top of the medicine cabinent. I stretch up on my tip toes, my stomach knocking over a bunch of vitamins. My stomach is so full even stretching doesnt make it look leaner. It jjust makes my red stretchmarks even more apparent in the mirror. Unfortunately after searching I realize the scale isnt up there. I look underneath a cabinent and find it really hard to reach my toes. I used to be really flexible before I got a huge gut in the way and chubby arms to heavy to move. Even my fingers have gotten huge. I pull the scale out and gingerly step on. OMG. 264 pounds! I havent weighed myself for about two months and I was around 190 then! How the hell did I gain 70 pounds in two months! I am predisposed to weight gain. Everyone in my family puts wieght on REALLY easily because we all have slow metabolisms. Even to maintain a weight of 160 i had to workout regularly and watch what I ate. Completely letting myself go and eat sweets and junk food 24/7 without even attempting to work out has left its make. Looking atmyself in the mirror I wonder when did I get so fat?
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Hydraman18 6 years
This is interesting, but it needs a bit of editing - some paragraph breaks, etc.