Jennifer looks for something new

chapter 1

Jennifer was devastated with Simon's death. He had been her focus for so long. Not only that, she was left with a huge bill to shore up and repair the house where the fire bigade had to remove windows and bricks, just to get him out.
She gave herself time to grieve, cleaned the house from top to bottom, reorganised drawers and cupboards, threw out a lot of old stuff. But what did she do after that?
She tried the dating scene, thinking that was how she should plug the huge gaping hole inside of her. But, simply going out for a drink and having sex afterwards did not satisfy her. Maybe she was just choosing losers in the first place. Maybe she was still seeing them on the rebound from Simon. Maybe she needs a more radical approach.

After making enquiries with friends and friends of friends, she was given the phone number of an exclusive club. She thought it was just what she was looking for. Tentatively, she gave the number a ring.
The club had less than a hundred members. It didn't even have it's own premesis. It would hire a whole pub, including a small function room for the night, once a month and put on it's own very special parties.
In addition to this, for a small subscription, you could enjoy smaller, even more exclusive parties in members' homes where 'other activities' took place.

The club chairwoman agreed to meet Jennifer over a coffee in a public place to discuss the club further and see if she wanted to commit herself further.

The woman was a bubbly blonde, neatly and primly dressed in a flowery dress and cardigan. From the start she insisted on being candid about the club. It was not that there was anything illegal about the club's activities. They were all consenting adults. No one was made to do anything against their will. Although sex may occur, it was not the centre attraction. Money was never exchanged for sex, but members were charged an entrance fee and they bought their own drinks at the bar.
The parties would include a bring and buy style buffet, or the venue might provide the catering.
There would be a disco laid on for the monthly parties as well.
What made it different from any other club was the other facilities that it provided.
All windows to the outside world of the venue were blacked out with thick drawn curtains or pieces of black card taped to the windows. No one could see in.
Entrance was strictly monitored at the door and only members on the guest list would be allowed in.
Members could wear ANYTHING!
There was a hidden 'play area' for members to enjoy themselves or watch others enjoying themselves. The play area was screened off from the rest of the room with camouflage netting, thick curtains and further divided with screens into smaller rooms.
The group encouraged domination and submissiveness to such an extent that the submissive one would agreed to being tied up or shackled and whipped, by the dominant one. There was a medieval rack where members could be tied and stretched, but not to the extent that it caused torture.
Doms might put a dog collar on their subs and force them to walk around with them on a lead or even make them walk in all fours.
Members did not have to have a regular partner to 'play' there were plenty of members who were willing to be a partner for the night. Some members had regular 'play partners' who only met at parties, some of those left their everyday partners at home for the night.
Some members would arrive as couples, then go off with someone else at the party, but go home later with the same person that arrived. What went on in the 'play rooms' and at the parties was not discussed outside.
They all knew that if their activities got out into the general public they would think the worst. They were not a pop up brothel. They were strictly foe over 18's only and their activities were completely voluntary.
A member could take a 'vanilla' friend if they felt like they needed the company an confidence another person brought. It was not easy for anyone to walk into a room full of strangers on your own and then open yourself up to what would be considered outside as deviant behaviour.
At a party EVERYTHING was acceptable... as long as both participating parties agreed to the activity and no one was seriously injured. Small scratches, scrapes, burns and bruised were all an accepted part of the 'play' activities. NOTHING at a party was done in total seclusion. Anyone in the play area could be observed through specially created 'spy holes' for the voyeurs that gave them a full view of the activities inside.
The monthly parties were not debauched sex orgies. Definitely not! Many of the members were well respected pillars of the community outside of the party room. But whatever job they did outside was irrelevant to what occurred among members.
However, parties held in members' own houses did sometimes involve what was conventionally called 'key parties'. Sometimes there were activities there that involved several partners of the same or different genders. Sex at these very exclusive private events was more common than at the monthly meetings.
The house meetings were only open to couples, but singles were very welcome to the monthly meetings and new members, who enjoyed the activities were often not left without a partner for very long.

Jennifer was not very sure whether this was the kind of thing she wanted to get involved in a all! It all sounded a bit extreme to her. A hidden world of wife swapping and kinkiness.
However, she did not consider herself to be a closed minded prude. She agreed to attend one if the monthly parties to see if she liked it.

He next move was to plan her outfit. Her entire wardrobe had nothing suitable in it at all! She had a trip into town. She was not confident to wear many of the extreme outfits from somewhere like Ann Sommers. Even some of the more tasteful things there were not for her. She simply did not see herself as a tarty nurse in fishnets and stilettos.
Feeling apprehensive, she took a look on line and came up with the idea of getting dressed up in a way that did not involve anything as provocative as something from a sex accessories shop.

She was going to go as a goth!

She could put a temporary black colour on her hair, wear lots of black eyeshadow, mascara and dark red lipstick. She could backcomb her hair into a messy nest and wear something that resembled a medieval maiden's gown in black and purple crushed velvet. She could pair that up with lace put Victorian style boots she had somewhere at the back of her wardrobe. She could paint her nails black, wear silver skeleton earrings and a dangly pendant with an Egyptian ankh... or something... maybe this was going to be fun after all... not everyone had the opportunity to wear this kind of outfit on a day to day basis. Standard dress codes did not allow for this kind of flamboyance!
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Aquarius64 4 years
I can’t remember this story... I’ve moved on and written 20 million others since then... well maybe not quite that many, but you get the picture...🧁🧁🧁🍰🍰🍰
Bbman30 4 years
Am I the only one that wants Mike to have his own story? He just left...I wanted to see him get to Simons size
Aquarius64 6 years
Whoops! Chapter 20 accidentally deleted! Apologies! I don't have a back up so a new chapter 20 might lead us down a very different path!
Aquarius64 6 years
Thanks wayTooThin. Computer saved same chapter twice... don't know why. Offending item deleted. New chapter 15 will be posted very shortly.
WayTooThin 6 years
I liked chapter 14, nice twist. Chapter 14 and 15 are the same
WayTooThin 7 years
Bill the Viking is a good addition. Many possibilities there.
WayTooThin 7 years
At least where I come from passing is a more polite way to say someone died. I am curious to see how simons experiences will effect Jennifer as the story goes onward. I look forward to reading more!
Aquarius64 7 years
Be patient wayTooThin, the story isn't finished yet.
Aquarius64 7 years
Simon did not pass anywhere. He died!
WayTooThin 7 years
In the beginning, Jennifer talked about her bills related to simons passing.

Now she has a new submissive feedee who is ready to quit his job and move in with her to hopefully become very very fat. I am just wondering where Jennifer will get the mone
Aquarius64 7 years
Ch 8 had to be curtailed because it was time for work. I'm just about to complete it now!
WayTooThin 7 years
It's a very cool story. Chapter 8 is cut off just as the feedee is getting dressed for the party
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Lovely. Do hope you keep going!
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The last story of yours ended somewhat abruptly. I'm happy to see a longer narrative was kept in mind. And I don't think I've read anything about a woman who has already fed one man to death and is working on number 2.