Johns journey to paradise

chapter 1

John was a boy who loved movement. He alwas got a lot of free motion when he was a kid, meaning his fundamental fitness were above average when he later started doing thriathlon.
He was succesfull. Both in competition and with girls. He would always had a girlfriend, admiring him for his fitness and healthy lifestyle. John never ate junkfood. Infact he also limited his intake of carbs, resulting in an amazing fat burning body.

John was a professional, so was his girlfriend Jessica. As a 24 year old boy/girl, It couldnt really be better.

Their daily lives consisted almost nothing but training. Long bike rides, a lot of meters in the pool, followed by some trailrunning. They loved it, the feeling of being so fit with almost 0% fat made them high of happines through all days. They felt disgusted with all the chubby people they met through their biking and running. Some days they just shouted "move, you fat whale" or "speed up piggy". The victims got annoyed but John and Jessica didnt care, because they knew they were very beautiful and superior to them.

Their next travel were to Australia for a whole year, for getting optimal training all days. Not only them but their national Triathlon club would train there to, meaning if you didnt get there you would be alone with no money from sponsors.

As the time flew by there were only one week left before everyone would departure. But something went terrible wrong that monday the week before take off. On their ordinary long bike ride they did on mondays, John passed out on the bike only 2 hours in. As Jessica got shocked they all went to hospital as fast as they could with the help of ambulance.

Later in hospital.

- John, have you ever felt sick before this day? Doktor said.
- Yes, ive had sore throat in some weeks. Remember that fat whale of a woman we shouted at Jessica? I think it was her who infected me. John said.
- Yea I remember that cow, she spitted on you when running! Jessica said.
Watch your words youngsters! John Im afraid you have got a special form of myocarditis. Doktor said.
- And how will that effect me? Im going for training camp for one year in Australia in one week. John said.
- If you want to train in nearest future you will die. This medical condition means you are not allowed to train for 2 years from this day. You have to relax beacuse you dont want the heartbeat to go up. Exception from that rule are long slow walks and sexual arousal, got it? Doctor said.

John was in denial. He couldnt just stop train like that. He would not get any money from his sponsors anymore. And worse, would he get lazy because of that long time of no training? He decided he would take long walks everyday. What else could he do? And that would be some training eitherway.

The time for departure to Australia arrived. John had cancelled the contract from sponsors and had said farewell to his team for a period of 2 years. Jessica were the last person to say farewell to him.

- I will miss you John. Walk till you die for me otherwise you will be like those whales. Jessica said.
- Dont worry, will never socialize with those people. John said.

She kissed goodbye and walked away. Never to be seen for a whole year.

The first week for John was terrible. Never in his whole life he has been so restless. He walked 10 hours a day very slowly, being very unsatisfied.
At the beginning of the second week though when he was walking, he met the woman they thought had infected him in first place. Both of them recognised each other.

- Not so cocky now cutie. Why so slow? The woman said.
- Ive got a special form of myocarditis.. John said in a low voice.
- And that means? The woman asked.
- Im not able to train for 2 years. My heartrate are not allowed to get to high. John said.
- But you are walking like if you trained? The woman asked.
- Well the doctor said exceptions where long walks and.. John said before regreting it.
- And what? The woman asked.
- And sexual arousal.. John said.
- Come, lets have a chat at the lake. The woman said
- No I have to keep moving, otherwise my walks would be no good effort. John said.
- Come on cutie. One time doesnt matter? The woman grinded.

They sat on a bench next to the lake. You could really se the difference in body type if you stood in front of them. John with his 165 pounds rock hard body at 6.1. The woman looked to be around 220 lbs and 5.7 tall.Her figure were still very proportionate. Typical hourglass figure.
They were all alone because they were in a quite isolated recreational area and the clock were only 9am. The weather were sunny with the temperature being 68F.
The woman took of some clothes revieling her soft muffin top.

- Im Olivia "the whale". Olivia grinded.
- Im John, what are you doing!? John asked.
- Revieling the result of doing long walks everyday. Olivia grinded.
- Are you trying to be funny? I would never look like that doing long walks. John said.
- Rub my belly cutie. Olivia said.
- Are you nuts!? I have a girlfriend Olivia. Besides that blubber is disgusting. John said.
- Have you ever tried it? Otherwise you cant say anything. With your girlfriend here you would never have a chance to try again. Lets find out if you like it cutie. Olivia said.

John hestitated for a moment. He then took his right hand and touched her belly. He instantly felt his dick went rock hard and Olivia could see it. He didnt know it though.

- Rub it cutie I know you like it. Olivia grinded.

John rubbed it. His sexual arousal went skyrocketing. While rubbing it for like 5 minutes Olivia grabbed his cock in her hand.

- What you doing !? John shouted.
- Confirming you like what youre doing. Olivia grinded.
- I.. I dont understand.. John said.
- O really? You like whales and fatness John. What a shock for you cutie. Im afraid that was the last belly rub doing on me. After what you have done to me you dont deserve it from now on.
- Im sorry for being an asshole Olivia. John said.
- To late. Olivia said.

She spitted at him and then run away. John couldnt catch her because of his condition, but he didnt care for now. He only had soft bellies and belly rubs in mind. He didnt finnish his 10 hour walk that day, he did only 2 hours. Instead he went home directly after, thinking of her belly and jerked off.

to be continued
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