Josh gets fat

  By Po123

Chapter 1 - freshman year

When Josh left for college he was 175 pounds and a pretty slim guy.Josh didnt have problems finding guys and was a pretty confident guy.When josh left for college his friends and family warned him about the freshman 15 but he though that would never happen to him.

As weeks turned to months it was winter and it started snowing.Josh had no way of getting to the gym because of the snow but the cafateria was downstairs.Josh found himself there a little more than usual.Josh found himself eating a little more than usual but he thought he could work it off in the spring.

When spring came around and josh was able to go to the gym he found himself more tired.He could barley run a mile on the tredmill.He went to the scale to weigh himslef and he was shocked he was 200 pounds.Josh was confused as he though he could never get fat.He picked up his roll of fat and thought how could he have let himself get like this.

After josh's experience at the gym nothing really chnaged.Josh still ate more tan usual amd when it was time for summer josh was ready to go out and swim.None of josh bathing suits fit and he was in shock.Josh looked at his fatter self in the mirror and could see a pretty visual spare tire developing.Josh went to bend down and get his pants off the floor and his bathing split.Josh didnt think he was that fat but he guessed he was.Josh was so upset with himslef so he stayed inside all summer and stuffed himself till it was time to go back to school.

Right before summer josh came back to campus to settle back in.Josh went to the gym and tried to get rid of all the weight he gained in the summer.Josh walked on the tredmill and after he got off his shirt was soaked with sweat.Josh got on the scale to weigh himslef and he was 225 pounds.His belly started to hang over his belt and he felt bigger.Josh tried to fight it but on the way home he went to McDonalds and stuffed himslef with burgers and fries.Josh patted his belly and belched loudly satisfying the massive amout of food he just ate.
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