Karma�s a bitch

chapter 1

Ben huffed, struggling to keep up with his fitter friend. Jones was nimble and fast. Wiry arms, cut abs, the slightest bit of stubble... Ben swallowed back some drool.

Ben didn't keep the weight off as easily. His plump ass bounced over his padded thighs as he trotted to keep up.

Jones is rambling on about some lay he had, or some sports game or whatever. Ben could listen to him talk for hours, he just loves the sound of that pretty bitch's voice.

A woman, tall and curvy, chub in all the right places, stalks up to them. "You WHORE!"

Ben takes a step back. Then another.

"Easy, lass," Jones says, turning on the charm. "This is all just-"

She steps very, very close and puts her hand on Jones' cheek, gripping his face and pulling him close. Ben can see Jones' throat bob and his eyes dilate, feels his cock start to chub up from the sight.

"You are going to regret this."

She kisses him, long and hard, bites his lip as she pulls away. Then she saunters off, ass bobbing.

"S-so, uh. That was weird." Ben breaks the silence awkwardly and immediately hates himself for it.

"Yeah... yeah, what?"

Ben loves the lust in Jones' gaze, how dopey and out of it the man is. Jones visibly snaps out of it and Ben feels a pang of disappointment that he shoves away.

"Yeah, that was weird, let's go get something to eat. I'm feeling... Cheesecake Factory," Jones says in delight, throwing his arm around Ben's shoulders.

"Kinda fatty, don't you think?"

"A little party never killed nobody, Benny boy, live a little."


Adrianna slammed the door of her apartment open, flopped face-first onto the couch, and screamed for five solid minutes.

"Bad evening, dear?" her roommate enquired.

"God, yes," Adrianna moaned. "Mmm... I need some of your food. Please. I just have to eat while I talk about this."

A wicked smile curved across their face. "Of course, goddess..."

Adrianna told them the whole story while greedily stuffing her face with thick, decadent chocolate pudding. When she grew too fat and happy to move, they laid her back and handfed her tasty morsels.

"And- mmfh, ohhhh, keep rubbing my tummy it feels so good, the bastard didn't even have the decency to break up with me in person. He's such a little whore, I just wish I could give him his just desserts..."

"Oh, don't worry, lovely."

Karma would handle all of that.
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Sweetspot 2 years
Ooooooooh this is good
GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Love your wickedness.