chapter 1

Kendall ran down the field, feeling her stomach and thick thighs jiggle under her thin athletic wear. She was so out of breath, and just trying to focus on making it up and down the field without collapsing. Finally, the buzzer rang. A sweaty Kendall walked over to the team bench. They had lost the sectional game, which meant the season was over. The coach didn't bother yelling, he couldn't punish them through extra hard practices or extra running for another year. Triumphantly, Kendall stood up from the bench and walked across the field to her car. She was glad the season was over. Kendall was a junior, and once a star soccer player, she had become chubby. Her sophomore year, she was a svelte 5'2" and 115 pounds, with perky C cup breasts and slim, strong legs. Now, as a junior, she was nearing 135 pounds. On her small frame, she was becoming quite chubby, sporting a belly and thick thighs. This added 20 pounds had detrimental effects on her ability to run and keep her breath, and for this reason, she was a much less successful soccer player her junior year. The soccer season had halted, but not reversed her weight gain. As she walked from the soccer field, she felt her breasts jiggle under her tight sports bra, and felt her inner thighs rub against each other as she walked. Kendall was delighted. Her weight gain over the last year was directly related to her self-discovery of her weight gain fetish.

Three months after soccer season ended, Kendall sat on her bed eating out of a box of pizza and typing on her laptop during her Christmas break. The 17 year old junior had been eating like a pig the last few months, and with nearly no exercise, she was putting on around 6 or 7 pounds a month. After eating 5 slices of the large Papa John's pizza, Kendall put the pizza aside and closed her laptop. She looked down at her thick body. Last time she weighed herself she was 152, but that was a couple of weeks ago. Sitting in Indian style, her white stomach spread over her waistband. It had two distinct rolls in this position, and her love handles had angry red stretchmarks. Kendall grabbed a roll of the thick adipose tissue and admired it; it turned her on how fat she was getting. Her chubby hands ran over her smooth thighs, which now rubbed when she walked and caused chafing if she had to walk far distances. Shifting herself off of her bed, Kendall stood up and looked at herself in her full length mirror. Her stomach, which was widening and had angry red creases from her pants, jiggled slightly when she stood, and she felt heavy on her chubby feet. She walked over the fridge, feeling her thighs jiggle as she walked, and stepped on her scale. 160 it read. That made her 25 pounds fatter than the end of soccer season. She admired her chubby feet on the scale. She had a toe ring which she had to remove as it had begun to dig into her pinkie toe. It became quite painful and it took her all of an afternoon to get it off using lubricant.
She decided to try to do some sit ups, just to see how out of shape she had become. She plopped down on the rug in her room, positioning herself so she could watch her body in the mirror. She managed 10 sit ups, feeling her belly crease as she bent forward. She was tired and out of breath from just 10 sit ups. A year ago, she could easily do 50. Kendall stood up and slapped her thighs and belly, grabbing the soft fat with her hands and letting it slip through her fingers. The jiggling felt like ecstasy for her. Soon a warmth came between her legs. She began to rub her fingers against herself, and felt the back of her arm touch her stomach as she stroked. She eventually came, quivering and playing with the soft flesh that had begun piling on her hip. She was hungry after all the exercise from masturbating, and laid in bed and finished the last 2 slices of pizza. Her stomach felt bloated, and she lied back and napped.
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Benso5 13 years
Ill continue soon. More coming.
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There have been some great stories on this site but this one takes the cake please continue