Life's event horizon

Chapter 1 - how life effect things

how life crazy thing effect life

In 1961 the B/W show "FireBall XL5" airs for 39 shows. Never missing it every Saturday morning till they took it off the are. First of Gerry Anderson shows.

Watch all the Mercury missions. We all wrote letters to NASA and we got letter back with picturs.

July 1963 in the afternoon, on a little yellow 9V pocket radio, heard Twist'n'Shout by the Beatles.
Nov 22, 1963, listen as JFK was shoot as a group of teacher listen.

We moved to Tulsa in 1965. New SCI teacher told me to read the book, "A Winkle in Time", where it talked about warped space travel.

1966, took piano lessons for year and half.
Sept 1966, Star Trek first airs. never missed a single show. Joined the BSoA, Troop 555.

Sept 1967, joined the school band, learned the play the trombone. By the end of Oct, was out playing all the band members, was given 2nd book of music to learn. By March 1968, was taking prvt lessons as was pass everyone and they didn't want me to get bored.
Jan 1968, realize had crush on 500lb SCI teacher. Dont remember how it happen but something was said about her size and she openly her size and her hub like to feed her. She was well over 6'.
We would listen to "You got me" while on the play ground. Later we listen to "These Boot were made for Walking". Over X-Mas went on 50 mile hike, earned effect scoot badges to be life scoot.

July 1968, move to NJ. Had house built, while waiting in Hotel watch Speed Racer and Captain Scarlet (another Gerry Anderson show). Later move to NB, NJ and watched the riots in chicago.

Oct 1968, Marched 3 different time for Civil Rights. Found out my dad was a racist, when a black girl came over to help with earth sci while she need help math. He lost his cool and mom told him off.

Nov 1968, Learn how to knit from old lady in building lived in. she turned me on to Tommy James.

Dec 1968, move EB, NJ. School Band better then NB.

May 1968, 2nd Best Friend moved in next door. was given 5 hrs to learn 5 pieces to play with band that didn't have any trombone players. Sucked. If been given a week, which the band director knew this. I had words with him about this.

May 1969, Became a Met's Fan, we saw how much better they were playing.

June 1969, got clubs and bags, had best friend work me on game, course open next year. Started going to all the Met's home games. Pissed off Best Friend as was matching his golf play, 120 first round best him by 5 stokes.

Aug 1969, Got paper route to deliver 50 daily and 75 sunday Newark News papers
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