Maddie grows

chapter 1

It was the start of Jake's Freshman year of college the first step in the rest of his life. After 4 years of boring high school and living at home it was finally time to get out of the house and begin life on his own. Jake had decided to go to a big university no longer wanting to be the spotlight of attention and wanting to meet a whole group of different people, he was also so excited to be going to school in the nations capitol. In high school Jake had been the star of his soccer and tennis teams standing at a lean but muscular six feet. In high school he had dated a few girls but no one really fit his fancy, you see Jake was into bigger girls and by bigger girls I mean big fat girls. He just never had the confidence to be seen with that kind of girl but that was soon to change. Going to a big school he knew people would hardly notice what he was doing and Jake liked this idea.

After getting to school early on move in day Jake was finally unpacked. Jake's dad was little help spending most of his time lying on his bed relaxing, but his mom was a teary eyed whirlwind getting the room perfect for her baby boy. Finally, after an extended goodbye from his teary mom and proud father Jake was on his own. His new roommate that he had talked to a few times over Facebook Eric was getting to school later in the afternoon for move in. From what they had talked about Eric seemed pretty cool and Jake thought that'd get along well. Jake decided to explore his dorm a little bit before Eric showed up and went around people watching as moms, dads, and kids struggled moving all their items. As he walked around he saw a few cute girls but no one who tickled his fancy. It seemed like there were plenty of people that Jake thought he could become friends with. And that's when he saw her, one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. She had a flawless rounded face, full soft breasts, with dirty blonde hair that flowed just around them, a very cute belly, and large hips. She was absolutely perfect and from Jake's quick calculations probably around 5' 5'' and 150 or 160 pounds, and as she passed oh boy what an ass, Jake had to catch himself so he didn't fall over as she went by him. He saw as the girl and her dad made a turn and went up the stairs to the second floor. Jake was a little bummed that they weren't on the same floor but ecstatic that she was in his dorm, college was gonna be awesome.

As he continued to day dream about his new crush he got a tap on the shoulder. "You must be Jake the guy said." "And you're Eric right?" They quickly exchanged greetings and Jake met both of Eric's parents who seemed really sweet. Eric had a tall, athletic build probably standing 6' 2'' with slightly curly black hair and a good amount of stubble. Eric was from outside of Baltimore and Jake lived in Annapolis so they were just an hour from one another at home. Jake soon learned that Eric had also played soccer for his high school and they had faced of in the state playoffs. They didn't really remember each other but Eric remembered Jake tearing up one of his friends on the left wing for most of the game. Jake felt a little awkward about all the praise he was getting from his new roommate and his parents but having his favorite sport in common with his roommate was awesome. Jake offered to help with their move and bring boxes in but secretly he was hoping to see the girl from earlier again. After two trips from the car back to their room he was a little disappointed that he hadn't spotted her. As he opened the door to outside he almost bumped into her, he could see she was struggling with a big heavy box she was bringing in and he quickly offered to carry it for her. After a little persuasion she obliged and he quickly took it from her.

"I'm Jake by the way, I live down on the first floor." Jake said.

"Oh very cool, I'm Maddie I actually live on the second floor If you can make it up there." Maddie playfully responded.

"I think I can handle it haha." Jake chimed in.

Maddie led the way up the stairs giving Jake quite the view of her swaying waist going up the stairs. Jake did his best not to look but he caved a few times. They finally arrived at her room which was a single with cute decorations and a nice style sense. Jake noticed them and appreciated her sense of style but was a little more excited about her having a single. He quickly introduced himself to her father and soon learned that she also lived outside Annapolis, Maryland Jake couldn't believe his luck this girl was becoming more and more perfect.

"It was nice to meet you guys; I'll see you around Maddie." - Jake

"Oh yeah Jake thanks for the help, let me know if you wanna grab some food later or something I don't really know anyone here, and I'm all alone in my single." Maddie said in a fairly flirty way while they stood by the door.

"Totally Maddie just swing by my room when you wanna go my doors always open."

"Awesome I'll see you later." Maddie said sweetly.

As Jake left and headed downstairs he couldn't believe his luck, after one day he had already planned a date with his dream girl.
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Djfex 7 years
thx so much for continuing smiley
Jazzman 7 years
Good chapters. And with stuffings and shakes the gains are completely possible. It's been done by women on FF. Is English your first language? Just wondering. Not criticizing.
Zachi 7 years
Very nice story, well written, please continue