Master pc: expansion edition

chapter 1

Master PC
"Expansion Edition"
I always loved this series...though I would bring it back for a bit...
1. Liz stared at her computer screen willing the clock display at the bottom to move faster. 3 whole minutes remained in her workday. Nothing productive ever happened in those last few minutes...shouldn't she just be allowed to leave? She absentmindedly clicked a few keys just so that it sounded like she was not daydreaming, not that anyone around her cared. She was supposed to meet her fiancé tonight for dinner and a movie, and the sooner she got out of here, the sooner she would see him.

As soon as she started thinking about him, she felt a twinge of guilt. Liz knew she should be more excited for tonight, after all, her boyfriend was everything a girl could want...tall, handsome, successful with a muscled body. But yet...she didn't feel much excitement at the thought of being with him. Liz felt comfortable, sure, but something was missing that she knew could never be found with even the perfect relationship.. She had always harbored certain fantasies...ones she would never tell anyone, certainly not Daniel. Even if she did, they were so unrealistic she knew they would ultimately just lead to disappointment.

Just as she was reaching for the mouse to log out of her system, the email icon chimed. Her first instinct was to ignore it, but a bit of lingering hesitation for her date tonight stopped her, and she clicked to open it.

The email looked like junk, the title a generic "Master PC", but the subject line was a bit more interesting, reading "Finding the relationship a little boring, Liz? Try this!". Whatever it was, obviously it was intended for her. The sender was just a random set of symbols, looking very much like the computer failed to read whatever language the name had been originally written in.

She opened the email, and immediately a prompt appeared asking her to authorize the download. Knowing full well she shouldn't, Liz clicked "Allow", watching as the download progress bar appeared. Her phoned chimed at the same instant, and she saw that the download was also installing itself as an app on her phone. That was odd...

Given that it was past time to leave and that whatever it was would be availible on her iPhone, she stood and left her desk. Walking out of the office, she errantly thought how nice it would be if the place burned to the ground over the weekend. It would make Monday much more tolerable.

Twenty minutes later, Liz let herself into the townhouse that she and Daniel shared. He wasn't home yet, so she decided to do a quick workout on the treadmill before he arrived. She didn't really care for running, but maintained her trim figure at Daniel's mild insistence. He wanted what was best for her, she knew, but still, she often wished they could be a bit more laid back about it. Plus, her deepest desires ran in contradiction to the perfect couple image they both cultivated...

Liz changed into her workout clothes; a sports bra that covered rather than contained her 34B chest, and a pair of yoga pants that clung to her slender hips. She plugged the headphones into her phone and went to open the music folder when she saw a new app at the bottom of the screen, saying simply "Master PC".

Liz gladly put off the workout for a few minutes, opening the app as she sat on the couch. A screen appeared, saying simply "Enter Subject". Not knowing what to do, she simply typed her own name, "Elizabeth Anderson". After a few moments, another screen popped up, with numerous boxes and a slowly rotating picture of her, sitting exactly where she was now. Liz immediately recoiled, looking for the camera. After a second glance at the screen, however, she realized the camera would be floating in the air a few feet away...but there was nothing there.

Taking a calming breath, she looked again at he screen. The boxes seems to contain all of her information, with small "Edit" buttons underneath. Looking at her shoe size, she saw that it read "7". She clicked the edit button, and retyped "11". A prompt then appeared, asking "Reality Meld?". She didn't really know what this meant, so she just hit "Yes". A moment later, she felt a tingling sensation as her trainers began to stretch out before her, looking comically large on her small frame. In amazement, she wiggled her toes, then rapidly took her shoes off. Her feet had grown to huge portions, just like the app said.

"No ***ing way" she whispered to herself.

She reversed the chamge, entering in her correct shoe size, and her feet shrank back to their normal size. She thought for a moment, then saw the stats for her measurements. Feeling aroused and flush, she changed the "waist" number from "28" to "34". This time, when presented with the reality meld option, she selected "No". The change was almost instant, as she watched her trim belly push out and hang slightly over the waistband of her now-tight yoga pants. Seeing what had for a long time been only fantasy happen right in front of her, she orgasmed right where she sat, her thoughts swirling.
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Piggjen 7 years
This story have very good potential, I like it a lot
DoctorHarleenQ 7 years
This is a very interesting start!