Maybe she’s born with it

Chapter 1 - bored bethany

"So, you see, class, what I have is an ordinary square drawn on the board..."

Bethany couldn't believe her mid-class nap had been interrupted for THIS. Squares? Seriously? She had learned about this shit in grade school. This class was a waste of time. She could be catching up on sleep right now.

"Then I divide it into four even sections. Now THIS is where it gets interesting!"

She had so looked forward to dozing through her entire senior year, and yet here she was. She needed one last science credit to graduate, and she ended stuck in the dullest biology class on the planet. It was the first week of the school year and she already hated it.

"Uppercase B represents a dominant gene, and lowercase b represents a recessive gene. If paired together, uppercase B will ALWAYS overpower lowercase b. You need TWO lowercase b's for a recessive trait to manifest."

Did any of this even matter? She had been born already, hadn't she? It wasn't like she could change her genes anyway.

"Now assume we have two parents who are Bb. What are their children's genes? Well, let's revisit our friend the square!"

Not that she'd even want to. She was genetic perfection, after all. Her hair cascaded down her back in golden waves, soft and shimmering. Her skin was tanned to perfection from countless trips abroad, devoid of even the slightest blemish. Expertly manicured nails topped her delicate hands. Her makeup was contoured flawlessly and---

"BUT this isn't any ordinary square! This is what we call a Punnett Square! The KEY to our little conundrum!"

It wasn't just that she took immaculate care of her makeup, hair, outfit, and every possible aspect of her appearance; she had the body to match. Her double D tits perched perkily in her bra, their superbly spherical shape nearly unnatural. Nearly. She was 100 percent all natural woman.

"We separate the parents' genes and place each one outside the Punnett Square. The two genes from parent 1 up top and the two genes from parent 2 on the left side."

Even her plump bubble butt, just like her bust, was pert, tight, and toned. Each cheek was like a beautiful, fleshy basketball, and despite rocking model tier curves both bottom and topside, very little cushion was found elsewhere. Her thighs had substance, but were sleek and streamlined. Her tummy was just plush enough to keep her ribs from poking out, but remained restrained and flat, just how she liked it.

"So we have one uppercase B column, one lowercase b column, then one uppercase B row, and one lowercase b row. Just like that, see?"

The only hints of actual chub were the plump flesh of her arms and the softness of her jawline. She by no means had a double chin, but one was just begging to sprout. Still, her dazzling sky blue eyes and full, blood red lips distracted anyone from noticing such trivialities. And besides, who cared if her arms were just a little squeezable? No guy wanted some roided out girl with biceps, right?

"Now we combine each row and column in the four sections inside the square, so we should have BB, Bb, Bb, and bb in our four little sections."

But, while these flaws were largely inconsequential, they did reveal one hidden truth.

Bethany had never seen the inside of a gym or even dreamt of going on a diet. Her slim, sexy figure was entirely a product of her genetics, as both her parents had godly metabolisms. It ran in the family, they said. Sure, she stayed active enough, running off with them on their exotic vacations, but Bethany still ate whatever she wanted and hadn't so much as considered actual exercise. Why bother? Her body was god given.

"What we can see from this is that 75 percent of the time these parents will produce an offspring with at least ONE dominant gene. So, without fail, that dominant trait WILL manifest."

She couldn't even bring herself to listen; her brain felt as if it were about to drip out of her ears. Her body ached from the torture of enduring a waking existence in this class. Bethany grinned. She could use a good stretch. Gradually she straightened herself, raising her arms and clasping her hands above her head. She closed her eyes, silently wishing she could return to that beautiful darkness of sleep, and tilted her head back. Despite her inability to see, she could feel the eyes now glued to her. She knew her display was a refreshing break from the teacher's dry, insufferable lecture.

It was time for the coup de grace.

Her back arched suddenly, and pleasure flooded through her body as she felt her spine crack. With this motion, her blouse rode up, allowing any onlookers a peek of her exposed stomach. Just enough to tantalize. That was hardly the main attraction, though. She leaned back fully into the arch of her spine, her tits jostling as they were lifted upwards into full view. Her top's fabric stretched around them, revealing her deep cleavage and the ample flesh spilling from the top of her bra. The other students could only dream of having a body like hers. She was perfection.

And then, all at once, it was over. She slumped back down into her seat and receded into the recesses of her mind, attempting to block out any danger of learning something in this class. The energy in the room had changed, though. Her male peers shifted uncomfortably in their seats, their pants inexplicably tight. If Bethany was less committed to returning to her blissful slumber, she could have felt the almost palpable lust hanging in the air.

"But, but, BUT, dear students, there is still a 25 percent chance that a child from two Bb parents has TWO lowercase b genes. And, in that unlikely case, despite their parents exhibiting the traits from the dominant gene, their child will exhibit the trait from the RECESSIVE gene. Isn't biology fascinating?"

Bethany was jolted awake once more by the angry grumbling of her stomach. It seemed sleep would elude her a little longer. Thank god she could eat after this.
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Thank you so much, Karenjenk! I might actually finish this one, too. My other projects are longer and on the back burner until after I finish my next commission, but I’m on pace to complete this story soon, hopefully!
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Holy cow
i love this.
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You’re in luck, Shield! Two more chapters will be dropping sometime tonight once I finish editing!
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Thank you so much Skittles! This has honestly been my favorite piece to write so far, and the lectures will absolutely be returning once Bethany returns from her mall trip. More chapters are coming soon!
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Thank you, Cyril! I'm trying to jump a few weeks every chapter to keep up the pace. The lessons actually take a lil bit of research, but as I always say, what's the point of getting off if you can't learn about Punnett Squares while doing it?
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