Mommy's hungry girl

chapter 1

Heather walked into her daughter's room. Amy, her daughter, laid naked in bed with her belly potruding outwards like an overinflated dodgeball. Her silky white skin was stretched taught with no room left to stretch; her green eyes glistened in a haze, her mouth smeared with food and her long red hair lay ever so gently over the side of her king size bed. Scattered around Amy's room were wrappers, crumbed filled plates, empty cups and drained soda cans.

Heather gasp happily, "Has my little girl had her fill?"

Amy repsonded with a room echoing belch and a tired sigh as she closed her eyes, she was exhausted, never in her life had she eaten so much. Two plates of lasagna, twelve twinkies, ten chocolate cream filled doughnuts, three bowls of macaroni and cheese, and two pieces of a two layer cheesecake rested in her ready-to-burst belly.
"Such a good girl. Nice and plump." Heather praised her plump daughter with a lotioned belly massage.

Lavender, Amy's favorite lotion; she could smell the aroma from Heather's hands- how she enjoyed it so. Closing her eyes she let herself drift into a food coma as Heather hummed a lulliby and massaged gently. She loved to sleep, it was her favorite activity of the day- the only time when she got to fully enjoy an overstuffed belly.

Her dreams were filled with food. Towns, streets, even people made of food. All kinds of food from grease soaked fried foods to sweet pastries and candies. She would go on rooftops and slidedown with her mouth wide open, devouring block after block until a building was no more; when she hit the ground she would stetch her mouth to massive proportions and inhale people like soda through a straw. Each person was a different flavor and different colors- red for cherry, blue for blueberry, pink for cotton candy, the flavors were endless (cherry was her favorite so she would devour them first). She ate and ate until she could eat no more. Her belly was bigger than a skyscraper like a jiggling meteor that had crashed to earth.
Devouring a blueberry flavored person she suddenly heard a soothing voice out in the distance of a cady field.

"Amy? Amy? Time to come home sweetie! Dinner is ready!" the soothing voice called out.
As Amy turned to the direction of the voice everything began to slowly fade in the distance like a swirling sweet filled blackhole. No matter how far she reached, however, she couldn't stop anything around her from disappearing. As the last of the land began leaving she began to shrink until finally,

"You looked so peaceful, like a plump princess." Heather said sweetly standing over Amy, who had slowly opened her eyes.
Amy smiled, "I was just getting full."
Heather giggled, "How many people did you eat?"

"A lot more than last time." Amy said happily.

" Well I hope my princess still has room for breakfast." Heather walked to the hallway and rolled in a cart filled with breakfast.

Pastries, tarts, a pound of eggs and sausage, a loaf of french toast, two pounds of bacon, a gallon of milk complete with a gallon of orange juice.
Amy's belly rumbled in hunger as she opened her mouth for the first pastry. She moaned in pleasure as each bite was sweeter than the last; even after four pastries the sweet taste was still so heavenly.

"Full yet?" Heather asked when the last pastry slippd past Amy's lips.

Amy just belched loudly.

Heather giggled and speared some eggs on a fork. With one hand she fed her plump daughter with the other massaged the big sphere of flesh that grew rapidly right before her eyes.
She's getting so big. I can't believe how much I can feed her. Heather thought as she lovingly fed her plumping princess.

The sausage was greasy. Amy could feel herself getting fatter bite after bite from the big sausage links that disappeared behind her lips. They slid into her swelling belly half a link at a time, all the while grease being smeared around her mouth.

"Such a fat piggy. Your growing so well." Heather cood as she massaged Amy's belly and started on the french toast.

Amy's eyes lit up, french toast was her favorite thing to eat for breakfast. She devoured piece after piece until the loaf was gone.

"That was fast!" Heather said, she had never seen Amy devour french toast like that.

Amy licked her lips with great joy. Then, it hit. A sharp pain swelled up to her throat as a big pain filled her belly. It had happened like so many times before.... she was full. As she relaxed her body a massive burp escaped her lips and the pain in her belly swelled more, she clenched her belly in pain.

Heather giggled, "Looks like my princess is ready wash all that down."
Pulling out a funnel she placed it in Amy's mouth and began pouring down the milk. Amy guzzled with all her stregnth, she was absolutely full. As the heavy dairy product hit her already full belly she thought she might actually exoplode. She could hear her belly expand, every inch becoming stretch marks as more milk splashed down onto the contents.

Heather could see Amy's belly stretching tighter and tighter, but she wasn't worried- she knew Amy could handle it.

"No more!! Please!" Amy pleaded when the last of the milk was drained.

Heather pulled the funnel out gently, "Oh but sweety you have a gallon of orange juice left."

Placing the funnel back down Amy's mouth she began pouring the orange juice down. Even though the juice was sweet it was heavier than the milk. Knowing it was the last of her breakfast she mustered all the strength she had left and guzzled with all her might.
Each gulp was worst than the last, her stregnth was fading fast. Gulp. Pain. Gulp. Pain. The vicious cycle was seemed endless until finally she was sucking on air. She had done it, she had finished breakfast.

"Good girl! You ate it all! That's my princess!" Heather praised as she placed the funnel on the crumb filled cart.

Amy swore she would throw up until a sweet scent filled her nostrils. A scent she loved most, even more than french toast; a scent she knew all too well- lavender lotion. She closed her eyes and drifted once again into a food filled coma. This time, however, she didn't dream of food, must have been from her being so stuffed.
When she awoke Heather stood beside her with another cart. Amy's face became terrified, she was still so stuffed from her previous meal there was no way she could eat a another morcel of food.

Heather smiled, "Time for lunch my big princess."
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