Movie titles: a collection

Chapter 1 - first course

Planet of the Crepes
Spider-man: Homecooking
The Burger King and I
where the buffalo wings roam
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Tex-Mex But Were Afraid To Ask
When Harry met Salleys Fat ass
Lord of the Onion Rings
Supersize Everyone
Cheesy Rider
Life of Pie
Old Country Buffet for Old Men
Casino Royale With Cheese
The Eclair Witch Project
The Fat and the Furious
Any Given Sundae
Bend It Like Bacon
XXXLMen: Days of Future Pasta
Chindler's List
American History XXXL
Inglorious Fat Bastards
Fat Times at Ridgemont High
The Girth of a Nation
Plump Fiction
Cakes on a Plane
Jurassic Pork
The Kit Kat In The Hat
Can't Hardly Weight
The French Confection
Die Lard
The Hills Have Pies
Fry Hard
Lard of the Rings
Diet Hardly
Dude Wheres My Carbs?
The Incredible Chunk
The Whole Nine Lards
Pretty Chubby Woman
Bride of Chunky
There Will Be Carbs
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Glutton
The Big Breakfast Club
Beauty and the Obese
Forrest Plump
A Few Good Meals
Silence of the Lamb Shanks
Frying Nemo
Guardians of the Gravy
Half-Baked Alaska
My Best Friend's Grill
Diet Another Day
A Chocolate River Runs Through It
Gorgonzola With the Wind
The Bigger Lebowski
License to Grill
Seabiscuits & Gravy
Pineapple Excess
Howard's Big Rear End
Celulite Fever
Nightmare At 20,000 Calories
Pie Fight Club
Hamburger Helper Hill
The Blobfather
Fatman Returns
The Pie who loved me
The Bourne Ultimate Cheeseburger
The Empire Strikes Baby-Back
Beauty And The Beef
The Spice Cabinet of Dr Caligari
50 Spoonfuls of Grey Frosting
The Lady Fillers
Big trouble in Little Airplane Seats
The Pursuit of Fattyness
50 Shades of Gravy
Lego My Eggo The Movie
Days of Thunder Thighs
The Devil's Food Advocate
The Plate of the Furious
For a Few Donuts More
Waiting To Inhale That Sandwich
Boyz in the Fridge
Wonder Bread Woman
Saving Private Ryebread
Edward Dinner-Hands
Butter Island
Guardians of the Calories
Sixteen Love Handles
Fridge on the River Kwai
Children of the Corn Dogs
Harry Pothead and the Sorcerers Scone
My Fat Lady
My Morbildly Obese Greek Wedding
Mississippi is Slow-Roasting
Bacon Wars
Diet Earp
Citizen Sugar Cane
Around The Waist In 80 Days
Run Silent, Run Deep Fried
A Wok to Remember
Animal House of Pancakes
Top Bun
The Whole Nine Lards
Gone with the Fat
The Elephant Manwich
The Great Fatsby
Full English Breakfast at Tiffany's
Peter Pancakes
The Hungrier Games
Fat Max: Gravy Road
Guardians of the Gluttony
Look Who's Porking
12 Hangry Men
Cold Cuts Mountain
From Dusk till Donuts
When Harry Met Little Debbie
Hacksaw Fridge
Mission Impossible To Fit In My Clothes
The Yuuuuuuuuuuuge Mermaid
To Grill a Mockingbird
Catch Meat If You Can
Crazy, Stupid, Love Handles.
To Feed A Mocking Bird
Ate Mile
There's Something About Dairy
Dim Sum of all Fears
The Fault In Our Diets
Blade Not a Runner
Gone With The Wendys
Mulholland Drivethrough
The Secret in Their Sauce
Second Breakfast at Tiffany's
The NuttyBuddy, Professor
Look Whose Taco
The 10 Course Commandments
The Hunt For Red Velvet Cake
The Sisterhood of the Stretchy Pants
Spiderman homebaking
Schindler's Rolls
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Kentucky Fried Chicken
Crumb and Crumbier
Shaun Of The Bread
Flabsolutely Flabulous
The English Muffin Patient
Charge of the Cellulite Brigade
(Not So) Hidden Figures
How Stella Got Her Gravy Back
Big Trouble In Little China Buffet
You've Got Mayo
I Know What You Did Last Sumo
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Essjay 6 years
Sorry, but there aren't many of those!!
Essjay 6 years
Lotta Dups, Lotta New Ones Too.