My wife

Chapter 1 - my wife

This is a true story. She was around 180 when she quit smoking. Then I started cooking high-calorie meals, and she loved them. I always made her eat a large dessert. Soon she was up to 200 pounds, and I loved her extra curves. She was OK with it but not too sure about getting fatter. Gently I coaxed her to eat more. Soon she didn't care much about the weight, as long as she got more of my desserts. I made them as high-calorie as possible. Here is a typical day: 2 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, orange juice, milk, 2 donuts, and buttered toast for breakfast, a container of oreos for a snack, 2 double cheeseburgers and fries with coke for lunch, a few more donuts for a snack, and a big carb dinner, like 2 pounds of pasta for dinner with beer.Then, I would feed her a big bowl of ice cream topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Finally, while watching TV after dinner, she likes me to feed her chips and chocolates...I usually feed her an ENTIRE box of chocolates an evening along with a big bag of chips!!! Boy, that girl can put it down. She has reached 294 pounds, and doesn't care what her weight is. I would like to get her to 400, myself. A few weeks ago she quit her job because she could no longer stand on her feet all day, which her job required. Now she lays around on the sofa all day. She is the quintessential luxury queen, not caring about anything except her comfort and pleasure. The sofa is white, but she doesn't care that her shoes are getting one end of it all dirty. Similarly, in the car she automatically puts her feet on the dash, and has pretty much ruined the dash of our expensive BMW, but she doesn't care.
Last night, she wanted for the first time to just pig out in order to gain weight. That's why I'm writing. Until now, she didn't care about the weight, just about eating. Now, she actually is excited about getting fatter. I think it's her girlfriend's influence. Anyway, she had me feed her an entire coconut cream pie after eating an entire large pepperoni pizza. It took some work, but we got it in her, and she was pretty happy.
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Rustydog7 9 years
Great story, keep us updated on her progress.