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Chapter 1 - preface

This story is not yet complete. I will say when it is.

This story has been an ongoing unpublished project of mine for the last forty years. It existed in several handwritten notebooks before computers were in every household. Unfortunately, some the writing was completely illegible!

The original main character of the story was Joe. It detailed his troubled childhood, rise to fame and tragedy while finding love on the way.
This section of the story had been added on to, rewritten, adjusted, more added, some taken away and rewritten again numerous times.
When the original Sims computer game came out, I attempted to turn my story into a long storyboard, without success. We are now up to Sims 4 and I have not got beyond Joe’s childhood.

The story is a long one, featuring several generations of the same family.
It will feature romance, betrayal, abuse, addiction, poverty, suicide, mental health problems, incest, fame, fortune, adultery, trauma, time travel, sci-fi, divorce, rock n roll, heavy metal, psychedelia, the rave scene, the modelling scene, a bit of S&M, Dom/sub, sex, Victorian morals, and anything else I can think of!

Obviously, because I am posting this on fantasy feeder, there will be some weight gain aspects added in. It may seem like nothing is happening on the weight gain front for many chapters, but, it will happen... I promise you! Quite possibly with several characters, but I’m still working this bit out.

I’ll not post a title until I think of something appropriate. My old notebooks had each generation as a separate book in the series, but I think I’m going to skim over some of the finer details here so that I can spend more time on the feeding stuff.

Once the story is completed... in several months time, I am hoping it will be accepted as premium content. However, there is a lot of content to be written before then, so while I am still composing, it will be free to read.

I hope you learn to like my characters.

Note: readers of some of my other stories will recognise some similarities. This is because I have ‘borrowed’ some characters and aspects of this tale for others.

I’m just going to save a minute as my battery is getting low....

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