Old habits die hard part 2

Chapter 1 - teaser

(Authors note: this is just a part of the first chapter of part two of this story. Please tell me where you would like to see the story go and if I think it's a good idea I'll integrate it into the upcoming chapters.)

(Okay, first of all, I'm sorry for not writing this sooner but for some reason I never got around to it. This is okay two of this story so if you never read part one I would highly recommend it. You can get to it by looking at the activity part of my page. I have gone through it Ame corrected based on your feedback and my own intuition. If you enjoy it or this please leave a like. I greatly enjoy feedback so please leave some of that too.)

Chapter 5:

Sadie struggled out of bed, her 174 pound frame made her feel heavy. As she stood up she looked down and admired the way that her belly jiggled and stuck or in front of her. She ran her hands over her stomach, poking and prodding her soft gut. She then moved her hands up to her breasts and sighed happily. In the past week since she had started gaining with Elly she had packed on a little over 10 pounds. This new weight has spread out a bit, meaning that her bras no longer fit well and her pants were tight. Most of the weight has ended up at her stomach however, something which both she and Elly had come to love. Sadie stood here now, feeling her body when she was suddenly interrupted by a voice.

"Quite the show you're out putting on for me."

It was Elly, she leaning in the doorway, fully dressed and smiling contentedly. The sight of her made Sadie very happy.

"Good morning, I left earlier while you were asleep and got us some food as well as some new clothing."

"Thank you so much." said Sadie, walking over to her lover and pulling her in for a kiss by the ass. Sadie hadn't been the only one to go through a change in the past week. Elly now weighed 167 pounds and was developing some serious curves. As the two pulled apart, Sadie couldn't help staring at Elly.

"I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Probably starve naked." Elly said with a laugh "Hey, I was thinking that we could have a girls day in today." she added, "I picked up enough snacks to get us through the day as well as a surprise for tonight."

"That sounds great, but I do have one little condition." replied Sadie.

"what is it?" asked Elly, looking confused.

"ditch the clothes" said Sadie with a grin as she walked out of the room.

After a while, Elly joined her in the living room wearing nothing but black lace lingerie. "Happy now?" she asked as she sat down on the couch beside Sadie.

"Quite" responded Sadie with a smile, leaning over and gently squeezing Elly's breasts, marveling at their smooth feel.

"Good because I got us some treats." said Elly, gesturing towards a stack of assorted boxes lying on the coffee table. Sadie reached out and grabbed the nearest box. When she opened it she was greeted with the heavenly smell of freshly baked apple pie.

"I stopped by that new bakery over near the university and got a ton of pastries. We've got this pie, a dozen assorted doughnuts and a bag of breakfast sandwiches."

"It all sounds wonderful to me." said Sadie, putting down the pie and teaching for the bag.

"Good, let's eat."

Both women grabbed sandwiches and began eating vigorously.

"This stuff is delicious!" Sadie said a little while later, her mouth full of doughnut.

"I know, I'm so glad that we finally have another good bakery. " responded Elly. "after the old one shot down I never thought I would be able to buy a good pie again. Now I don't have to manner them myself. "

It took the women a whole but finally they both lay back contentedly, their stomachs full.

"Oof!" said Elly, poking hard stomach. "That was a ton of food."

"No shit." said Sadie, reaching over to rub her partner's belly. "let's take a break before lunch."
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Sam Johnson 6 years
r editing them
Sam Johnson 6 years
Thank you, I've already changed the title to clarify that this is part 2 of the story. Add for your question about random chapters, this is just the only except of part 2 that is totally finished. I will bundle in more chapters once I'm done writing and/o
Jazzman 6 years
Nice chapter.Don't understand why you didn't just put it with the others.And will there sometimes just be a new chapter without some explanation? If this is part II put it in the title and call it chapter one.
You're a great writer.