Our fantasy

chapter 1

I grab one of your many large love handles completely covering your lap and the space around you and remember when it was just one of three tiny barely noticeable rolls. I shake it slightly causing you to groan, all the food from your previous stuffing sloshing around in that big fat gut of yours. I kiss it and begin sucking on it leaving another one of my many signature love bites all over your body. I come up to look at my work and back up to admire you. I see tons of rolls bulges pushing out from your sides and sagging down. I see your large soft breasts. They are one of my favorite features about you. They have a few love bites on them as well. I see your chubby hands playing with your belly button and rubbing your enormous belly, easing the pain. Sausage like fingers squeezing and pinching handfuls of fat. You grab as much of your belly as you can, lift it up, and drop it back down causing a loud slap. Air bubbles work their way up out your stomach in a dominating belch. You moan as the pressure is eased. I grab a can of whipped cream off the bed side table that's covered in packages wrappers plates and dishes. I squeez it all over your body especially in your belly button and on your breasts using the whole can and get ready for my dersert. I start at the bottom of your belly and began working my way up. When I get to your belly button I stick my tounge in and lick all the cream out. You moan at the feeling of my hot tongue and the cold cream colliding with your soft flesh. I lick all the whipped cream off your belly untill I get to your breasts. I lift each one of them up and lick the small rolls underneath. I put them back down and take one into my mouth licking around the nipple and sucking all the cream off. I do the same to the next as you moan. After I'm done and your all clean i leave the room for apment and comeback with a box of donughts. I take off my tight t shirt showing my large muffin top spilling over my way to tight shorts. My boobs have been way to big for my bra for a long time but I don't care because I usually don't wear one. I unbutton my shorts sighing as my belly has more room as it spills put into my lap. Feeding you has made me grow in size as well. I stuff my self with the donughts making a complete mess on my self and all over my face. I go up to kiss you and you lick all the powder, chocolate, cream, crumbs, and filling off my face. I laugh at how greedy you have become. You quickly take off my bra and my breasts bounce out. I smile and stand up on my knees. I begin pushing them in your face as you lick all round them. I moan as your hands travel down to my large belly which you can barely grab due to your incredible girth. You start playing with it and jiggling it. I let out a belch and I can feel you smirk against my skin. I finally sit back down and kiss you properly. You lay down on your side and I lay in front of you. You attempt to wrap your arms around me but your fat keeps getting in the way. I love the way your warm soft rolls feel against my bare back. I feel a bit of pressure and squeezed belly. I let out a small belch only to be met with a snore from you. I smile. I love these lazy days spent eating and playing with you. I think about tomorrow and what delicious things I will shove into your humongous gut. I slowly drift off to sleep rubbing my bloated belly, and listening to the soft gurgling sounds of yours.
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