Out of breath

chapter 1

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Out of Breath

Ashley followed the hostess to a table near the large glass windows at the rear of the restaurant. When she was seated, she stared out the at the lights of Las Vegas, taking in the opulence and overabundance in equal measure. Generally, she hated Las Vegas but the city did boast some truly excellent restaurants. Vincent's Italian was her favorite and she stopped there nearly every time she was in town for a conference. A waitress came by and offered to tell her the drink specials, "That won't be necessary." Ashley interrupted her still looking out the window. "Just bring me a glass of the Super Tuscan Brunello.

"Make it a bottle." A familiar voice added.

Ashley could see his lean silhouette in the reflection of the glass. He was wearing an expensive suit that fit perfectly. "Graham," Ashley turned toward the handsome man standing across from her at the table, "what brings you here?"

"I knew a friend would be eating here her last night in town." Graham gave her an easy and confident smile, "Can I join you?"

As soon as the elevator doors closed the two lovers came together kissing and exploring each other's bodies. Graham's fingers explored all the new parts Ashley had develop since their last interlude. Her hips where clearly wider and she had new folds of flesh under her overly tight bra. But more than anything his hand moved over Ashley's massively stuffed belly.

"I can't say no to you, can I?" Ashley asked. Graham only smirked at her rhetorical question.

"How's the husband?" Graham set his lucky poker chip down on the table, "Still trying to get you to lose weight?"

"Carlos," Ashley replied, even though she knew Graham didn't care. "and yeah, sometimes."
Actually, Carlos and Ashley had fought over her weight just before she left on her trip. At just under 500 pounds Carlos was concerned for her long-term health and that she be a good roll model for their children. Intellectually, she knew both concerns were reasonable but fuck him for trying to get her to change. "For better or for worse" she thought to herself, remembering the fight.

"And how's your wife?" Ashley returned fire. "Still on that crash diet?"

"Alyssa," Graham laughed, picking up the poker chip and rolling it over his fingers like an instinctive tick, "and always."

"I love this view," Graham pointed out the window, "from far enough away anything can be beautiful."

"Not this," Ashley smiled at him, feeling a little bad about what she knew they were going to do.

Graham began to undress Ashley as she leaned against the wall of her hotel room, enjoying the weight of her engorge belly in her hands. As he kissed her neck, his nimble hands unbuttoned the last few buttons the gluttony of her meal had not destroyed. Her top fell to the floor and her bra landed nearby a few seconds later. Graham stepped back to take in all of Ashley's beauty. Her belly was an erotic monument to self-indulgence and gluttony. Her round, massive tits rested on top of her belly. Her nipples hard with anticipation.

Before Graham could reply the waitress returned with the bottle of wine, after meeting Ashley's approval the waitress poured two glasses.

"You love the dry," Graham spoke after he tried the wine. "That's Carlos' problem, too sweet for you."

"And what's Alyssa's problem?" Ashley tried not to smile at him.

"Alyssa's problem?" Graham replied with an easy and always cocky laugh, "That's easy. Me."

"You are an asshole." Ashley held up her glass, "Cheers." Graham reached across the table and they touched glasses. "Cheers" he answered back.

Removing Ashley's skirt was really nothing more than pushing the fabric over her round hips and allowing it to drop to her ankles. She was now naked except for a lacey pair of light brown undies that highlighted the curve of her hips and giant ass. Graham pushed Ashley back on to the bed as he began to undress.

Graham flagged the waitress down. When the 20-something year old server arrived Graham began, "I'll have the lasagna, and my friend will have the fettuccine alfredo. We'd also like an order of chicken parm for the table. And to start we'll have the sausage and cheese crostini and the stuffed meatballs. He smiled and handed the closed menus back to the waitress.

"You're a bastard." Ashley couldn't help but smile at Graham's aplomb.

"I never said I wasn't." Graham took another sip of wine and then refilled both glasses. "You look stunning, as always."

"I know." Ashley replied. Something about Graham's confidence brought out her own. In her own estimation, Ashley was 496 pounds of curves and sex appeal. Her hips and ass had grown so large she could no longer sit in chairs with arms, and she had to buy two seats on plane. Or as she saw it, all achievements and testaments to her own monumental stature. Her belly issued forward over her thighs and announced her presences in every room she entered seconds before she full arrived. Her breasts where large and shapely for an obese mother-of-two. She was proud of her cleavage and never afraid to use it to her advantage.

"You look," Ashley looked Graham over, "hungry."

"For you, always." Graham swallowed more wine and again refilled both glasses. Graham was almost 50 with salt and pepper hair. He had a lean frame that seemed to deny the ravishes of time and fatherhood. While most men his age developed "dad bod" Graham seemed younger and healthier each time Ashley saw him.

When the appetizers arrived Graham discreetly moved his chair so that he was almost sitting next to Ashley. "Better view of the city." He replied before she asked.

"You're a bastard." Ashley smiled as she leaned back in her chair just a little, giving her soon to be very full belly room to expand. She had already unbuttoned her skirt and untucked her shirt to disguise her indecency. Graham delicately plucked a meatball from the plate, cut it in half and fed it to Ashley.

At her company, and in her industry, she had a reputation as a take no prisoners, skull cracker, who got the job done. At home she wore the pants and kept the household running. It was those stresses that made her interludes with Graham so special. For a few precious hours she could totally let go of the wheel. Graham might steer them into a wall but at least it would be a fun ride.

Ashley watched as Graham undressed, enjoying the show. When he was naked, he pushed her back on the bed and began to massage her belly. Ashley closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of four hands working on her giant orb of a belly. "So big!" she giggled to herself as she touched her soft fat flesh.

The first bite of the stuffed meatball was like tasting Italy, a little salt and some fat, warm and friendly. Ashley swallowed quickly and waited for the next bite, mouth open. Somehow Graham's cologne seemed to be the perfect complement to the inviting odor or the food in front of her, making her mouth water even more.

"Such a hungry thing," Graham whispered to her has put the second half in her mouth, "also so fucking hungry for more." Ashley only nodded as she chewed.

While Ashley luxuriated in her own hedonistic obesity Graham moved between her fat thighs and pulled her soaked undies away from her dripping pussy. The smell of Ashley's perfume and odor of her sex seemed to be perfectly paired Graham thought to himself as he began to massage and lick her thighs. Graham's teasing began to quicken Ashley's pulse. She wanted to yell at him to 'get to it' but she let Graham drive.

Over the next few minutes Graham feed Ashley the appetizers. Enough food to be a meal for most, but for Ashley they had only whet her desire for more. More food, more fat, more pleasure, more Ashley.

Ashley shuttered in response to the first brush of Graham's tongue along her pussy. As Ashley's juices filled Graham's tongue, he thought about the first time he and Ashley fucked. They had met at a conference. She was 25-year old force of nature whose 250-pound frame only hinted at the behemoth she would become. He had been enraptured with her from the first moment he saw her.
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