Pale, soft and weak

chapter 1

Pale, soft and weak. That’s what she is and what she will always be.
Her once tan skin is now whiter than a cloud, with purple veins and angry stretch marks scattered throughout her body.
Years of no activity and constant tube feeding has ruined her body, causing her to have the texture of a human water bed. She is weak, both mentally and physically. She didn’t have to be here, she could have stopped long ago. But she was too mentally weak to stop eating, to stop sucking.

She loved that she had found someone who would let her eat whatever she wanted and still love her. Her feeder didn’t “love her despite her size,” as she had thought, he loved her because he could manipulate her mind into turning her body into something out of his wildest fantasies. He didn’t really give a shit about her as a human being, because if he did, she wouldn’t be lowering her life expectancy every day by sucking down pure lard and animal feed.

Her once strong muscles had atrophied long ago, buried under hundreds of pounds of pure fat. If she tried to stand now, she’d fall down immediately, her leg muscles literally non existent. Plus, it wouldn’t be easy carrying half a ton.

Her feet were almost covered by her ankle fat, leading up to her enormous thighs that were larger than most people. Atop that rested her belly, easily the fattest part of her. It rose several feet in the air, completely covering her thighs and almost touching her feet. It was extremely soft, and jiggled with waves when it was smacked hard by her feeder. At this moment, her belly button had cum oozing out of it, a recent sign of her feeders satisfaction.

Her breasts both rested on the sides of her stomach, too big and saggy to stay up top. These both had nipple clamps on them, used by her feeder to torture her into eating more food, although the violent tugging on her sensitive nipples did turn her on. She would have jumped his bones if she was able to.

Her arms were useless, enormous pillow like appendages with small, fatty hands at the ends of them. Her face was surrounded by fat, several chins in place and a very fat neck as well. Soft, plump lips sucked on a tube most of the day, except when she sucked off her feeder. His massive cock was a strain for her to take in, but she did it to please him. Besides, she wasn’t in any position to deny him. He owned her.

Pale, soft and weak. This was her life. A nearly 1100 pound immobile blob to be used for sex and pleasure by a man. She wasn’t good for anything else but to be used.

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