Pets and masters

Chapter 1 - alice

"Wake up."

She fell asleep as they were driving, and woke up to find the scenery around her was vastly changed. No more tall buildings and sparkling lights all around her. Now, dark forest surrounded their road.

She straightened her back, sending slender hands to smooth her hair quickly. "Where are we?" she asked, her voice slightly hoarse.

"Today we are going to view Edmond's pet and consider his request." He answered in a cold voice.

That was a polite way to say Nathaniel is about to view Edmond's pet and decline his request. Edmond had a peculiar taste in pets. Alice knew Nathaniel for less than 6 years, and even she had heard about it.

"Why are you taking me?" she asked, feeling uncomfortable. She didn't liked to meet others like Nathaniel. She got used to him, but others... It was too much.

"So that he'll finally see how a real pet looks and behaves, if the said pet wish to become one of us."

"I don't - "

"We're nearly there."

Alice pressed her back against her sit, crossing her arms. She didn't want to show up and be presented like some trophy. She didn't like to be compared to other pets, even when it was suppose to flatter her. Nathaniel did it for two reason: the first one was that it was easier to decline certain requests that way, as he put a very high standard to the vampires in his ruling area. The second one was to make sure he based Alice's position as his pet before he turned her. Slow and steady. If she'll impress the others as a human, they'll respect her even more as a vampire.

They've stopped before a beautiful front yard. As they left the car, a strong scent of honeycomb plant filled the cool night air around them. As they've crossed the yard, the scent was clinging around Alice, sickeningly sweet. Nathaniel hadn't said a word, but as he knocked the door he quickly passed his fingers through her hair, and the clean fresh scent of his cologne cleared her mind.

The door was opened by an old maid. They were both expected, so after announcing their names Nathaniel and Alice were led by her to a large warm dinning room. Since she walked behind Nathaniel quietly, Alice still hadn't seen most of it. The light was dim, and a strong scent of fried food was all around her.

Nathaniel allowed himself a short disgusted sight, and Alice stepped a bit forward, now seeing the room around her clearly. An extremely long dinning table was centered there, holding what seemed to be a feast for over 20 people. At the edge of a table, two figures were sitting - one occupied in shoving some piece of food the mouth of the other one, and the other one trying to chew without suffocating.

In Alice's mind, the odd couple in front of them seemed out of place in the modern looking dinning room. As always, the vampire was the first one to attract her eyes. A basic human reaction, meant to estimate the danger she's in. Edmond was a tall and impressive man even as he sat down. His wide shoulders and slender waist were well defined in a stylish suit. His handsome face and hungry expression clashed together.

But it was hard focusing on him for too long, before turning her glance to the girl beside him. Sitting on a wider, much sturdier chair, some flesh still appeared to slide beyond the chair's arms rests. The flesh was pinkish and heavily covered by cellulite, and seemed not to have an actual human flesh consistency, but much more softer look to it. Like a very thick liquid dripping from under her tight and reveling shirt that was pressed against her obese body.

The old maid quickly announced their presence. Both figures raised their eyes, staring at them.
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