chapter 1

Eddie took his time to select his victim. He had many, many failed attempts before he met Victoria.
Victoria was blonde, slight and very slim. She was a university student studying the history of art, or something. He was not really interested in her subject.
She was a quiet country girl who came from a village in the picturesque Lake District.
He was three years older than her. He ran his own successful business that he had built up himself from humble beginnings with the aid of a substantial loan from his wealthy parents. The business just about ran itself these days. He did not need to be there, but he liked to keep and eye on things to make sure everything was ran his way.
Eddie had first met Victoria at a city night club. She had been separated from her friends, she was drunk and did not have enough money for a taxi home. He had shared a taxi with her to ensure she got home safely. Then they had gone out on a few dates.
He was kind and generous to her, patient and gentle. This was about long term results not short term gains. He had to make her fall in love with him.
Indeed, she became absolutely besotted with him! She skipped lectures to be with him.
Her friends were not sure whether Eddie was right for her, but he made sure she turned her back on all of them.
By the time they got married, Eddie was her only friend, she was not on good terms with her family and had given up her studies.
This was all in his plan. He had to condition her and isolate her, otherwise his plan may not work.

Once they were married and she was all his, the real manipulation began. They moved to a converted barn miles away from anywhere, right out in the country. The house came with plenty of land, but it also served as an isolating tool for his new wife. She could not drive and he took the only vehicle they owned to work with him. The house was not on a bus route. The nearest bus stop was three miles walk away. He made sure that she had no access to bus timetables, by telling her that the house lay in an Internet black spot. WiFi would not help. There was no signal for a mobile phone and he hid all local telephone numbers from her.
He did not want his new wife to work. There was no need. He was earning enough money for both of them to enjoy a decent standard of living.
He hired a maid so that she did not have to do any housework and a gardener to look after the land.
In short, in the first six months of marriage, Eddie had completely isolated her. She could not leave the house without him. She had no internet access and was unable to use the telephone. When he went out to work, she was left at home with nowhere to go and nothing to do.
She filled in her time with walks in the garden, exercising in the home gym, reading and watching telly.

When Eddie was home, he made sure Victoria got all of his attention. He was the focus of her love, so he had to make sure he was still appeared to be the chap she adored.
He assured her there was no need for her to cook. He would see to all of that. Cooking was what he loved to do! It was his relaxation. He always produced the most delicious meals! He took her out often. Their destination was usually to some restaurant and followed by a walk along the coast or a stroll through the local shops, although they rarely bought anything. Indeed, Victoria could not buy anything with out asking Eddie, because he had all the money. She had nothing.
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Aquarius64 5 years
I’m sorry you disliked the male weight gain bit, Andi22, the story is not quite finished. If you read my other stories, you will find that most of the main characters are straight and male. It’s what I prefer (despite the picture, I am female).
AndiFive 5 years
the story was good until you put the male weight gain in the middle.
Aquarius64 5 years
I fell asleep while writing chapter eight. By the time I woke up the computer had logged me out! So now, chapter eight is rewritten and you have a chapter nine!
Frostxwatcher 5 years
More plz