Piggies for rent

Chapter 1 - a momentous betrayal

Amanda stood in front of her mirror. She turned her body from front to side view and critically watched her shape. Something was wrong! The dress she was wearing hadn't been that tight when she'd worn it the last time. There was a small bulge of a beginning belly and also around her butt the fabric seemed more stretched than usual! She poked the soft layer of fat at her once flat abdomen and afterwards probed her backside with both hands. Definitely, there were signs that she had gained some weight! Fat she didn't like at all! She hurried to the cabinet in her changing room to search for the scale. She knew that there was one; she only had not used it since good three months. The last time she had used it was even before her friend Claudia had moved in with her. At this time the scale had shown 63 kg, a perfect weight for her 1,75m tall and nicely shaped body.

Grown up as the only child of a very rich family she was used to be always perfect. Her mother had conditioned her from the beginning of her teen age to watch for her weight. She had a personal trainer, an extra diet plan and a lot of activities to stay firm. Ballet lessons, workout two times a week and once she was old enough of course cheerleading had shaped her body and life. Even at college, the first time away from the regimen of her resolute mother she had avoided the 'freshman fifteen', a fate which had hit a lot of her fellow students. With her perfect body, her beautiful face and long blond hair and not to forget the money she got from her parents she was one of the favorite girls at the campus. All that had changed in her last year at college, when her parents had died in a car accident. She inherited the family's estate and generous monthly revenue, but the pharmaceutics company her father had founded was turned into a foundation. She remembered her father's words in his last will, explaining to her that she would have a carefree life with the money she would get from the family's fortune, but she would not get the company. She was not really angry at that time, because she never wanted to lead the family business and the amount of money she got every month gave was more than enough. Despite the fact that she was not boss of the company she had finished her studies and became a graduated pharmacist. All this had happened about 18 months ago and she had spent all the time after college with enjoying her life. She had changed her partners like other people would change their underwear, man and woman alike. But 4 month ago she had met Claudia and had fallen in love with that lively young woman. They were an interesting pair, she, the tall blond 25 year old butterfly from the high society and Claudia, an a little chubby twenty year old runaway. But they had fun together, the sex was incredible and so she invited Claudia to move into her spacious flat. Ever since, Claudia had taken care of the household, proving herself as a very good cook and also a formidable caretaker. The last three month had gone in a fly, with long nights out and even a two week cruise. So there had been no workout or other sportive activities on the one hand and the delicious cooking and the food and drinks at the parties on the other. The result of this life style now showed in the mirror and got clearly confirmed by the scale.

Amanda stood on the finally found scale and stared in disbelieve at the number! 68 kg! That was a gain of 5 kg in the last three months. How could this happen? She stored the device back into the cabinet, went to her couch and sat down. Reflecting back the last months she found a lot of delicious and large meals prepared by her girlfriend. And she remembered Claudia's encouragements to convince her to take a second helping or finish a large helping. Was her friend deliberately fattening her? It could be pure coincidence, but better to find out if her suspicion was true. She called for Claudia, who definitely was in the kitchen to prepare the food for dinner. Once Claudia was in the living room, Amanda stood up, lifted her arms in the air and slowly turned around a few times. "Do I look fatter to you than three months ago?" she asked the other girl. Claudia licked her upper lip and answered: "Turn around a few more times and give me time to watch!" Amanda obeyed and then got her answer: "No, you are the same hot chick like the last time you wore this dress!" Claudia turned and went back into the kitchen from where a delicious scent evaporated. Not in the slightest convinced Amanda made up a new plan. She did a few phone calls, than she called into the kitchen that she would leave for a small shopping tour. Claudia watched through the frame and said: "Fine for me, I'm still busy here. But remember, dinner's at eight!"

The dinner was a culinary masterpiece. Claudia had prepared a three course menu, a creamy mushroom soup, a large helping of lasagna and cheese cake as dessert. The opulent meal was accompanied by a tasty Chianti Amanda had chosen. After cleaning the table both girls settled at the couch to watch TV and to kiss and fondle each other. Amanda was closely watching Claudia's cute face. Soon she saw what she was waiting for. Claudia's pupils were nearly as big as her iris, her breath had accelerated and she was slightly sweating. The little mixture of drugs she had added to Claudia's wine finally took effect. 'It has its advantages to be a studied pharmacist' she thought by herself. Slowly she began to strip Claudia's chubby body, revealing her voluptuous D-sized boobs, the little tummy and her wide hips. She continued to arouse the helplessly drugged Claudia until the girl was squirming and moaning in carnal desire. Pressing one of Claudia's hands into her own softened midriff Amanda asked her panting and shivering friend: "Does this feels softer for you than a few months ago?" Without waiting for an answer she placed her lips over one of Claudia's nipples and slid two fingers into her wet grotto. She listened to the wheezing and felt Claudia's body squirm under her merciless exciting activity. She repeated her question and when Claudia nodded in approval she continued: "Do you trying to fatten me up? And if yes, I want to know why!" Claudia constantly shivered and gasped, so her words came out a little bit disrupted: "Yesssss.....!, I .. started to feed you bigger....and..... Ahhh... bigger meals..... Ahhh.....veryhhhh fattening food.. I...... Ahhh... want you to become fatter......, so ....Ahhh that you......More!!......" At this point Amanda stopped her action to give the shivering druggie a few moments to catch breath. Then she said in a very sweet tone: "Please continue!" Claudia was catching her breath for a few more seconds and then spluttered out: "Yes, yes! I try to fatten you up, so you would become less attractive for others and you would stay with me! I like you and I like the life you make possible for me. And I do like bigger women! Much bigger...!!" The confession made she completely slacked at the couch, all limbs seemed to be without any muscle.
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Karenjenk 6 years
I really like this because of the relationship between the main characters and the Sub/Dom themes and control.
I also like that it's dark.
Hopefully you will continue.
Thank you for sharing