chapter 1

She hasn't cum in over a year. An entire year of constant sexual teasing from you has broken her down.

You’re completely naked, showing off your body that has become reminiscent of a Greek god, honed to a perfect aesthetic. You know this drives her insane, showing her what she could have but can’t. She’s begging you to let her cum, tears running down her face from the pent up sexual frustration she’s had to endure.

You don’t have to do this to her. Several of your pigs are in an endless state of bliss from the constant feeding and fucking of their daily lives. Many of them spend their days violently quivering from orgasm after orgasm, their once toned and fit bodies shaking under hundreds of pounds of fat, some even suffering a heart attack from the stress. She can hear them through the walls, their moaning driving her insane with envy and jealousy.

But she doesn’t deserve that. She isn’t near as heavy as some of the others, being only 648 pounds, but at 4’11, she’s basically bedbound. You long ago tied her legs and arms down, to keep her from attempting to touch herself or use the motion of her fat to bring herself to orgasm.

You stand near her bedside, watching her eyes devour you, knowing the only thing keeping her from pouncing on you and riding you until your balls are completely empty is the near 550 pounds of pure lard you’ve put on her. She feverently moves her pudgy fingers towards you, trying with all her might just to touch you, to feel you. You don’t give her this privilege, not yet anyway. You slowly trace your hand down her body, being sure to feel every roll you’ve added, listening to her moans of ecstasy just from your touch. You know she’s wetter than the ocean underneath all that lard, and you both know you have the ability to give her what she wants.

“Please let me cum, please please please!” She cries, her begging making your dick twitch with pleasure. It’s amazing, seeing this once catty and mean woman reduced to nothing more than a horny blob, begging you to just let her cum.

Eventually, you decide it’s been long enough, and rig up the lift for her belly. Her tears of desperation disappear, not believing what you’re about to do. Her breaths are heavy as she waits, until she feels the sensation of your tongue around her, and her moans start immediately. She can barely contain herself, the whole time you’re listening to her, bringing her to the edge.

She is in a blissful state when suddenly, you stop. Right on the edge of what would be a mind numbing orgasm for her. You back out, and immediately lower her belly. She begins screaming now, her triple chin shaking as she does it, making all sorts of promises and claims, just wanting to cum for the first time in a year. You silence her by fixing the feeding mask back on her head.

“You’re far too skinny for this, pig. I’ll be back in a year, maybe you’ll be fat enough to deserve to cum then.”
You leave her be, already thinking about your other pigs you’re going to see today.
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This is amazing!
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You push all the right Buttons.