Princess of fat cows

Chapter 1 - the island

I decided to stay 30 days in that island, hoping that there, without supermarkets and with a full focus on myself, I could finally get rid of some of my extra weight. Gluttony is my sin since I have memory, so I had always an hard time keeping my waist line reasonable, but I kept telling myself that I wasn't really fat, just slightly chubby. Still, so many people were telling me to eat less, try to lose at least some kilos..."You are really pretty, but you should do something for this belly" told me a guy I had a crush on, when I tried to seduce him. My self confidence got badly damaged, but my appetite remained intact.
Then I met Tom, who told me I should stop worrying. "You look stunning, babe, no need to stop enjoying your donuts." He told me nice things about my body so many times and he seemed so happy with me, then I lost all the (limited) interest I had in controlling my appetite.

"So he left you?" asked me the man on the island.
"Yes. He encouraged me so much to eat my donuts that I developed a big donut all around my belly. - I looked down at my stomach, blushing. The man had an immediate body response, which I tried to ignore continuing telling the story of my weight gain -. One day, in front of the mirror and keeping his hands around my waistline, Tom told me that he admired me, but I was now too much of a fat piggy for him". As I confessed the island man the rather embarassing story, I touched instinctively my belly, way rounder and larger than it was when Tom left me, because I was getting too fat for him.
"Did you try to lose weight, afterwards?" asked me the man, almost laughing.
"Yes, wanna know the result?"
"I'd be delighted..." his tongues moves over his lips. God, he looks like Javier Bardem, I'd do anything to sleep with him.
"20 kilos! Unfortunately I gained them, rather then losing them."
"Ah ah - he finally allows himself to laugh at the fat girl in bikini sitting on his bed -- You probably didn't get the proper diet, dear!"
"At first it was working... I lost a couple of kilos and avoided cakes for a few days...but then I ended up eating much more and gaining those back plus other 12 kilos. That's why I came here. To hide my fat body and focus of weight loss".
"I am very lucky that you chose this place to hide your hot fat body in this island, my lady, but I am afraid you couldn't immagine what would happen to you here..."
"Are you serious about this pregnancy story you started to tell me? It's so weird..."
The day I arrived in this almost secret paradise, I was greeted by the local king. He looked at me like I was goddess and told me they were honoured to have me there and he would dispose for me to be assigned the best bungalow in the island. Every day they would deliver me the best food in the island. That part worried me. I looked down, my belly made noise. I was immensely hungry, although I decided to start the diet only on the island, eating lots of carbs and snacks on the plane. That first day, a man came to greet me, he was very charming and handsome and kept staring at my belly. I checked and notice my shirt was leaving my belly button out. "Oh. don't look at me like this..."
"You are wonderful, miss, I cannot help but looking at you"
He said. From his eyes I noticed he meant it, but also, he was very aroused. I weighted 96 kilos, before departure, still fitting most of my clothes, somehow, or at least making them fit with some tricks, to deny myself how large I have gotten. Being 1.64 cm and with thin bones, I can ensure you I was already considered quite fat, but I would deny it to myself and in front of the others, calling myself "a bit chubby".
In my bungalow I found the greatest food tray, full of fruit and delicious cakes, sandwiches and much more. I decided to go to sleep without touching it. I was going to lose weight. Show Tom that I was not a lost cause. I gave up of twenty minutes of fat thoughts in bed. Decided to eat just one piece of fruit and nothing else.
I did not succeed.

Eleven days later, getting my food tray every morning and barely doing anything all day but collecting failed attempts to workout, my belly was at its biggest. I decided to go to beach, to get distracted from the amount of available food. My bikini showed my newest gain to the island. I was greeted by anybody I met. Gaze to my belly were always given.
"Lovely to see you again, miss"
The charming man found me sitting on my beach chair, a full display of fat rolls under my breast.
"Oh, it's you."
"How are you doing these days?"
"Well, this place is wonderful..."
"You seem a bit displeased, my beautiful lady".
"Well, can I be honest with you..."
"Pablo. I am Pamela. I am a bit concern about the food gift I get everyday. I don't understand why I get it and it doesn't help me to stay in shape"
"My dear Pamela. I couldn't help but notice that your beauty, your shape, has...increased, since your arrival."
"Oh my god. I must have gained some more weight, yes, I didn't know it was visible already..." My bikini had almost disappeared inside my fat (if I look at pictures from those days I looked indecent in that bikini that couldn't cover me anymore, no wonders people where looking at me on the beach!) but I had no mirrors to check how large I was getting.
"My dear, you look incredible. So beautiful. But I am here to warn you. I thought you probably didn't know what is the habit in this island regarding...pregnant women."
"Pregnant women?" Oh my god.
"Don't worry, my dear. I know from the very first moment that you are not pregnant. But this mistake has been done before, with other ladies...with a beautiful round body like yours. Although I must admit yours it's by far the most stunning I've ever seen, particularly after this first 12 days got so much..." Pablo hesitated.
"Yes, yes, I understood that I have gained a significant amount of weight and being already...fleshy - God, if he got aroused with this!- didn't help, but tell me more, what's going on here?"
"Don't worry, my beauty. It's simply that the king and the court thought you were pregnant. Fertility is apprised here, it's sacred. The pregnant woman who comes here it's like the fat cow in the bible. A fat cow means seven years of abundance. That's why you are fed like two important guests. And I guess you are eating every bite they give you... - I blushed. A fat cow, I kept thinking - well, you don't have to."
"Fat cow?!" I yelled. Our conversation was attracting the attention of the other tourists on the beach, who all seemed to be staring at my large rolls. At me, a meaty young lady with a pretty face repeating the name of a fat animal: too much for a fat admirer like Pablo. He was about to explode, just like my belly because of the colossal breakfast I had an hour before. "Please, stop saying that. It's too arousing for me, my queen."
"So you also think I am a fat cow?" I ask, a bit terrified, a bit excited. "I think you are my mermaid, and I think we should go to my place, before I come all over your sexy, fleshy, body here, in front of this audience."

Despite my outrage, Pablo was the sexiest man I've ever seen and him, with his shredded, toned body, wanted me, with my large belly, me, sitting in front of him trying to contain my rolls, which would pop out one after the other, me, who ate two entire cakes for breakfast, together with an incredible amount of other food, me, not wearing a pair of jeans for some three years to avoid any other button pops (I had so many!), me, the fat mermaid.

"God, you are beautiful" sighed Pablo after letting me in his bungalow. We started to kiss right away, as he pushed me towards the bedroom. His hands started to touch by bouncing belly as we walk through the room. "Mmm, you are all round and fat, so sexy!" he murmured. "Can I be a bit straightforward with you, my Princess?" he whispered, as he pushed me down on his white bed. "You can" I replied, touching his abs and going down towards his erection.
"I saw many women fattened up by this pregnancy mistake here, but are so incredible. I noticed you the first day, your curves, this glorious belly...but you gained so much in these first days, that you amazed me."
"Ehm - I smile, all red - I am very weak, when it comes to food."
"I can tell, my little pig!" he kisses me on the belly button. "You must have been polishing those food trays! And you put everything on your waist line!" he teases me, digging a finger on my round belly. The finger goes down a few centimetres.

Even if my ass and thighs are very meaty, my belly always steals the scene. "You are all mine, now, all mine. I cannot believe it, you are my dream, Princess! I got so excited on the beach, you looked so embarrassed...and you said that word...fleshy. God, you are so fleshy...This is so sexy...".

After the sex, we sit on his terrace. He brought two drinks and some fruit cakes.
"Feel free to enjoy."
"I really shouldn't. As you also noticed, I am enjoying all the food offered to me here and as you observed, I am not following my diet properly" I smile. I feel good, appreciated.
"You shouldn't worry about any diet, Princess. You are gorgeous and you love food. Eat."
"Why don't YOU eat something, in stead."
"I like to keep myself lean." it's his simple answer.
"So you are just going to sit there with your six pack watching a rotund girl indulging on another cake?"
"Are you trying to excite me again? You don't need to, staying next to this hot body his enough, believe me!"
I took a slice and try to eat slowly. It's incredibly good. "Mmm. Oh my God, this is delicious!"
Pablo had the biggest smile. "Wow. You look like you are having another orgasm, babe."
I cannot ever stop at one piece, so I took another one. "Go on, do not be shy. It won't make you fat, darling" he potted my belly and laughed hard.
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@CaliGaininGirl Thank you, hope it's enjoyable. Wrote some more.
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